Lyme Journal Entry Ten ** Lyme-Winning Me-Tugging the Trophy Back **

I want to thank for posting this video. She suffers from Chronic Lyme, check out the wealth of knowledge on her site.

While fighting our own battle we can forget children and teens suffer from Lyme Disease. This beautifully sad video shows the struggle to find answers from a teenagers eyes. I feel her pain, want to hug her and make everything okay. We know it’s not that easy, hugs and understanding is always appreciated. 

XO Warrior


Challenges this week:

Exhausted, waking up exhausted.

Not waking up by 9:30AM throws the days pills off schedule, especially the days I take shots. I start the day with multiple probiotics which need at least thirty minutes before starting the meds or eating.

It feels like the anti malaria and high-powered antibiotics are eating my stomach. The gastro pain along with existing gastro issues make for an unpleasant experience. I wasn’t eating enough at breakfast. I tried eating a 1 1/2 cups of cereal and my esophagus ulcer was smiling.

Slept most of four days and didn’t take any of my medication. I feel better but know my body requires help to fight this virus.

The backlash of not taking my everyday medications has repercussions. I’m addicted to stimulate drugs taken for Bipolar Depression. Not taking them properly caused a huge roller coaster ride. If I take the drugs to late in the day, I’m up until 3:00AM, which keeps the cycle going. If not taken, withdraw symptoms are quick to follow.

I take great pride in my independence and losing piece by piece is humiliating. I can’t shower by myself after falling over my shower chair twice. I have to defy this rule, asking my husband won’t roll off my tongue. This causes friction for both. Now we are installing some type of sliding bench. Chronic Lyme can slam you to the ground, you have to get up.

If the shower issue didn’t make me feel old enough, the bladder or lack of bladder control will. I thought it was me, how can this be, I’m to young for Kotex or diapers. My body changed on me, now the minute I need to pee, I do. There is no warning, no getting to bathroom, so humiliating. I read several bloggers who struggle with Chronic Lyme. Imagine my delight when I read Lyme is humiliating me. Chronic Lyme effects all major organs in your body, bladder control never crossed my mind. Some how its less humiliating, it doesn’t make wearing a Kotex at 51 years old easy.

PS: So happy to say I took a shower by myself last night without incident including drying hair. Yay!!!!!!!



  1. Hi my friend. Lyme knocks you down, but you still get up. That’s the warrior and survivor in you. I admire your courage and tenacity throughout this outrageous disease and the harsh regimen of medication. Know this, I think of you everyday 🙂


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s hard to no if people think hard about what I write. I haven’t been to your site yet, rough morning. Do you or someone you know have/suspect Lyme Disease? Have a great day.


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