Throwback Thursday ** Triple shot of my guitar hero's playing same song ** Get Ready To Jam

Pull up a comfy seat, get ready to hear three of my guitar hero’s play the same song. I want to hear your favorite of the three. Is it all three, two, one or none? I want to know we’re on the same page with our music preferences. I take request, may not play them, let’s have some fun. XO Warrior


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    • me to, sick now to think about maybe later today
      I have great ideas for hats and fireplace. is fireplace in your bedroom or just outside? inside will make my idea perfect. also thought of my dream for type of bedroom if you want very exotic have good ideas some very enexpensive you can do yourself not hard labor easy stuff
      I’ll send photos when can what size bed do you have and what does your closet look like
      any other furniture you already have for room? your own bathroom? lots of questions for lots of ideas
      if you don’t have a headboard know of great product you can stick on wall it comes off no glue required you can even more it, inexpensive leave more to decorate you unless read in bed, you would want headboard for that but know how to make
      I love interior design
      😦 very sick now


      • I’m laying down, iPad is a pain but nothing like sitting in my chair. I just work up from a couple hr lap time for lunch and my sunshine. I get no sunshine otherwise. I have to see what my friends are doing even if I’m not there.
        I bet there an extra 20-30 lbs of water from edema. it hurts and no way I can sit up except for ness times
        I have to keep my head elevated I might drown
        laying down for a couple of days should help I had bad reaction to water pill so no more of those go to doctor Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
        you will learn why texas women are called cowgirls, the job still has to get done. we don’t ask for help unless our female buddies I have no female buddies here so I must do myself if a man can’t see what needs to be done instead of watching football I will not ask it can wait or it does’t get done I nag very little only for dishes & drinking. I gave up on the amount of alcohol just told him to increase the life insurance I would receive.
        I don’t even nag about dishes I just refuse to eat off anymore. I’m a good wife if you overlook about 75%.
        what did you think of the music I picked or not your style. I’m the rock queen


      • Hi Twin M…
        I hate your pain… I understand about not having anyone… (not near at least).
        Good plan on the life insurance 🙂
        I listened to the 3 songs (I’m still surprised I did it :D.. Not really my style, but the truth is, I don’t have a style… A bunch of songs I like and maybe one full album or two… I’m not sure which one I would choose.. probably the shortest one 😀
        I slept really bad last night, I have a headache since I opened my eyes… I hope I can sleep soon… It’s only 10pm.
        My bedroom is already decided.. I’ll see if I find the picture and mail it to you.. otherwise, you’ll have to wait to see the end result… 🙂
        The room I showed yesterday, is the fireplace room (Germans have such a room), it’s attached to the living room as has no door. That’s why it’s not my bedroom.. But it’ll be my fantasy room… 😀
        When you feel like it, give me ideas… The only thing I’ll do for now is to hang the Christmas stockings to take a picture of my kids sitting there… (If I manage to do it).
        Rest Twin,
        Twin P


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