No One Left Behind*Thank you for helping Afghan translators like Janis' who saved Matt Zellers life in combat*

I can think of no better day to receive news Congress heard our call from the petition.  AMERICA HOME OF THE BRAVE   XO Warrior

Thank You For Helping Veterans

Matt Zeller
Fairfax, VA
Nov 11, 2014 — I hope this finds you well.

Last summer, you helped us get Congress to pass an additional 1,000 visas for our Afghan allies. Thank you – you helped us save countless lives.

You may also recall the story of how Janis, the Afghan translator who saved my life in combat, finally got his visa to America last year.

Janis’ story was only the beginning. There are thousands more like him.

Together, we started No One Left Behind, an organization that helps Afghan and Iraqi translators gain their U.S. Visas and provides them assistance getting resettled in America.

Here’s a quick video about our organization:

This Veteran’s Day, we wanted to thank you for your support.

Since January we’ve helped resettle over 40 Afghan families in the United States. Your generosity allowed us to pay for their housing, furnish their homes, help them gain employment, and in several cases, even buy cars. You helped fulfill America’s promise to take care of those who so graciously took care of us. For that, we remain forever grateful.

We hope to resettle another 30 families by January. With your help, we will.

To help us resettle these families, please contribute today:


No One Left Behind

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