What can we learn from Alaska's law on Domestic Violence……

I flipped to the National Geographic channel to find Alaska State Troopers one day. Watching was a blessing. The show opened my eyes to ending  domestic violence. Ending domestic violence is happening now, not somewhere in the future. We have to raise our voices louder and demand the same protection for all abused in other states. Below are notes taken while watching several episodes.

Fairbanks, Alaska has the highest number of domestic violence cases in the America.

Domestic violence calls dispatch to Troopers as top priority status. Everyone on scene interviewed, once established as domestic violence case, it’s an automatic assault charge and trip to jail. Other charges will follow based on situation.

This is a very condensed version of what I watched:

A fight escalates, the female screaming loudly to get out of house. Punched multiple times, raped and once outside pulled by the hair back into house. When police arrive she’s in front yard in bra and panties, visible marks of being hit in face, crying and trying to convince police nothing happened. Troopers receive education on domestic violence behavior. One officer goes in to house with gun drawn. The second keeps lightly pushing, why is she in the front yard in her bra and panties with visible marks to her face. The male taken to side of house, interviewed, handcuffed and lead to car. Officer’s provide jacket to cover herself  and support, she tells what happened leaving out being raped. Her disheveled appearance tips one officer to ask what else happened. She bows head crying not wanting to got to hospital, tells of being raped. Thru the support and gentle urging she agrees to hospital. The male charged with assault and kidnapping for not allow her to leave.

A neighbor hears a woman screaming, goes to investigate. He witnesses a man beating a women which quickly spills to front yard. Neighbor calls police, they arrive to see a man running into woods. One heads in to woods with gun drawn. The second officer discovers the male running is jealous of her other boyfriend. He looked thru window see other boyfriend there and breaks in back door. He also assaulted the man. The abuser charged with assault and taken into jail.

In Alaska there is no first time pass, first time and every time abuser goes to jail. The top priority status given to DV calls backed by state laws written to protect all citizens, gives me hope. The laws in other states sound good to those who turn an eye on the problem. When states charge a teen for smoking pot to a  seven-year jail term and a murderer walks out in less than two years on good behavior, the legal system requires an overhaul. As a paying taxpayer we have the right to vote, speak out and advocate for change. My illness keeps me from taking the time to research Alaska state laws and start Change.org petitions. I challenge you to start petitions and once circulating, commit to signing. How to make a Change.org petition on domestic violence successful? A separate petition to each states political leaders, national law makers and the President. Petitions are more effective if quotes from supportive law makers or an influential maker in your state included. Yesterday all NFL owners met in Texas to agree on a Domestic Violence Policy. I blew a gasket at the message the NFL sent to women. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys spoke after the meeting. Asked if he thought the policy went far enough. Jerry replied enough is never enough. I felt proud an influential maker lived in our state. I commit all the support possible to everyone who starts petition.

XO  Warrior

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26 thoughts on “What can we learn from Alaska's law on Domestic Violence……

  1. Hi Twin,
    As you can imagine, I have no idea how domestic violence is handled anywhere. I’ll do a research for you, I promise that!
    I’m glad some famous/influential people still care. 🙂

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    1. BFF Twin P
      I love you….Thanks for any help. You forget sometimes….you were emotionally abused. One you can feel,see and survive,you are in recovery process. I know for sure, YOU will survive.You are helping others by sharing your story and supporting others with kind words and consistent encouragement.
      Edema bloated Twin M 🙂

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      1. Hola Twin M!
        I didn’t reply to your messages because I didn’t know if you were sleeping… I was afraid the messages popping would wake you (mine have a noise) 🙂
        I love you too! 🙂
        And recovery it’s taking TOO long!


        1. Hola impatient Twin P
          It’s 9:11Am here, up and doing laundry. David leaves tomorrow. We have much to do. Please email me with what was on your mind, what you wanted to talk about. Just a note and we can talk more later.
          Recovery is a life long process, you have five children who have pain from parents separating. You work on recovery, letting go, having a heart not filled with hatred at same time help your kids to understand. Many people are effected in different ways.
          Off to check on cat and back to computer shortly.
          Round dough boy Twin M

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          1. I just wanted to say Hi and see how you were doing (my plan was to call you 🙂 )
            Your sweet cat breaks my heart and I’m sorry all this is happening when David is leaving.
            It’s 5.15pm here and I think I’ll go to bed soon 🙂

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          2. Wise Twin M
            Exactly!! The kids are with the man and I’m bored… I’m going to design a badge to keep myself entertained 🙂
            I still have half glass to go!!
            Tipsy Twin P


          3. Maybe depressed Twin P
            I don’t believe you’ve lost your mind. You stayed in a relationship for the health of the kids. You have have sacrificed your needs for so long, you many have lost yourself in the process. You have individual needs, the pain of the man and your kids are not all the aspects of who you are. The journey to find ourself in chaos is an investment. A investment in your future. You can’t wait until the kids are grown to search. Your reluctance to shine a light on yourself is normal, you’ve been on your now less than four months. Look at what you’ve accomplished since moving in. Remodeling would take most a year not to mention you did it by yourself while raising 5 kids and working out custody. There isn’t a short cut, taking a short cut short changes yourself. Living a fulfilled life starts with you. Invest in yourself, you are so worthy.
            Tough love Twin M

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          4. Fooled Twin P
            I’m not really that nice, you just see my better side. Quite entertaining you stood naked waiting for water to cool with window open and you weren’t drunk! I’ve made the mistake many times, at my grandparents we didn’t have a shower. I would take a bath at night and wash hair in morning. No wine at home for me. I saw your post around 4:30AM but wat past bedtime. Slept about three hours before animals woke me up. I’m moving so slow this is my first time on computer. Sharon accepted, ending invitation today. Working on getting out before I fall over asleep. Talk to you later, probably after nap.
            Sleepy Twin M

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          5. I Love Your Better Side Twin M!!
            I burned till the bone last Saturday. I’m still surprised I could do it, I could barely breath!
            How are you doing home alone? I hope you are getting enough rest 🙂
            Jinxed Twin P


          6. Still Crazy Twin P
            As for how I’m doing….I’ll suck it up and say good. My cat being sick, not wanting to go in new litter box, Truffles nonstop meowing about the new box and life in general makes it so much fun. In one way it’s easier, don’t have to suck it for anyone and can just get on with it. I’ve been sleeping/living on couch for a month. Our bed is higher off the floor and couldn’t get,out even with his help one day so moved to couch. Yesterday decided couldn’t take the hard leather any longer and moved to bed. My back will take some adjusting to and I have to moved all my things to night stand but no more couch. I’m researching a chair and footstool like his father’s, it is extremely comfy and with the footstool my circulation in legs should go away. I planned on email later if poss. Our scarves came yesterday, they are beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see. It is perfect for an everyday scarf and has beautiful affirmations on there. A story about the woman in Ethiopia who makes them is included, I’ll chat with you
            after, time for next round of meds.
            Uncomfortable cranky Twin M

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          7. Dear Cranky Twin M,
            I’m glad you moved to the bed. I hope you can adjust pretty quick to it 🙂
            Nothing better than a scarf with a story attached to it 🙂 Looking forward to see it!
            I’m sorry about your poor cat. I guess both of you are tired!
            I can’t wait for this year to be over… I’m exhausted!
            Cranky Twin P (I can’t leave you alone on this one!!)


    1. Dearest Maria
      AMEN! It is hard to see a world without domestic violence for us. We have to lay the ground work for the future. Being a survivor is having compassion for others and paying it forward. The work we do today will help your children and grandchildren. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.
      So happy you have a vision.
      M 🙂

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      1. i grew up with lots of figthing and domestic violent, so i have from early on decided to be a single mum instead of in a relationship with grudges. we didnt really fight like my parents did in front of us, but we had silent wars where we hid from each other for weeks. it was horrible, and i believe just as hurtful for the kids as someone punching each other!

        now he is silent and dont see his own kids, its been three years since last time. so hurtful. and until we moved this summer he lived 5 minutes away from us.

        but anyway, violence and hurtful situations should not be something kids deal with. they should be protected. and also the parent being abused. im amazed how easy it is for one parent to get away with bullshit!

        here in norway according to law i have no right to say no if my kids father now want to see him. after three years of nothing i am almost demanded to let him see them if he should ask for it. not that he would, coz he is to busy with himself. but its amazing that the kids just would have to go if he wanted to.

        but i know things are changing, coz parents like us are doing something to change things. we are not giving up on our kids, we are protecting them and ourselves to give them and their future kids, our grandkids, better choices and more protection.

        blessings to everyone struggeling out there xoxoxox


        1. Hi Maria
          It is heartbreaking to here what parents are capable of. The positive is many parents or parent will act and make decisions best for their kids. You are taking positive steps forward and setting a great example for your kids. The example builds a solid foundation for your kids to build on.
          Have a great day.

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  2. The province of BC, Canada has a similar approach to arresting the assailant, keeping him or her in jail at least overnight, and if released, there are conditions such as no contact with the victim, no going to the victim’s residence, no weapons, and sometimes no alcohol.

    This is a great crisis measure but prosecuting the offense is often a whole other story. Victims often recant their stories, claiming it was really an accident, not an assault. Or they say they have no memory of the offense as they were so drunk or high at the time of the assault. It really helps if a neutral third party witnessed the assault and then they can testify about what they saw, even if the victim has changed their story or feigns memory loss.

    The conviction rate was higher 10 years ago because the provincial government dedicated resources to Victim’s Services counsellors around the province. They would be in contact with the victim from the start of the legal process and would provide information, counselling on domestic disputes, and court preparation. Sadly, the Province chose to stop funding these programs, even though they were very effective. The police response is good for the crisis time right after the assault while the Victim Services program helps with the long term issues such as supporting the victim to leave the abusive relationship and to testify against her assailant. Both programs need to be in place to lower the rate of domestic violence.


    1. Hi Sharon
      Thank you for sharing the info on how BC, Canada handled domestic violence then and now. It’s a disgrace how law makers can cut essential services and sleep at night. I am curious how other countries approach domestic violence. My hope is the post gets people talking and sharing information. Information brings change. I received your email and look forward to talking with you tomorrow. My body rejected me, it took most of day to write post. Have a great day.
      Melinda 🙂

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