Throw Back Thursday * Santana Bending Strings…Live From Germany *

The idea for this weeks Throw Back Thursday came to me several weeks ago, I didn’t even think twice. My life overflows with sunshine everyday because of you. Every like, comment, follow, friendship, laugh, words of encouragement, allowing me into your life and above all your prayers. You have touched me deeply by allowing me to comment, knock on your door and allowing me into your life. There is not a day go by without thoughts and prayers for my WP family. My husband understands how important blogging is for me, what is hard for him is how people can touch my life without meeting. I started blogging to share my experiences with others. I didn’t have a clue where the first steps would take me. The thought of my heart expanding with joy never crossed my mind. I am thankful for so much and hope to see you often in 2015.   XO Melinda




  1. I love that song, my dad used to play it for me.. 🙂 And I feel like you do, this WP comunity is amazing. I was feeling lonely earlier today as our New Year eve plans got cancelled. I was thinking I have nothing in this world. Only my kids. Which is a lot. But sometimes I need adults too. So I logged on, and felt happy again. You guys are amazing, and the support is beyond my words. I love you all and wish you all a blissful holiday ❤

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    • Dearest Maria
      What a great surprise to hear music your father played Santana for you. The holidays can get difficult for everyone, we all have a piece of our heart missing. You have a huge support network here at WP and Survivors Blog Here. Most important you have something so valuable, yourself. You will always have to lead the road and taking the steps are painful at times. Only someone with strength and belief in themselves can make the journey. If you never listen to another word from me remember you are the most valuable person to yourself. Everything starts with you, you grow, self love grows, less stress, kids feel less stress. Kids don’t know they are forming an idea of who they are. Speaking from my experience as a child abused in many ways with no reason for living, my granny was the strongest person I’ve ever know. Without her example which including her flaws, I would not have the chance to write you today. As I look at the obstacles thrown my way over the past ten years, I see a strong woman in the mirror. The blessing of putting of therapy and working thru the muck, there’s another side. It doesn’t mean life is peaches and cream. The best gift you can give yourself is to look back to see you are on the other side and not wading in muck. Your growth is the greatest gift you can give the kids.

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    • No Music Lover Twin P
      Did you understand the Spanish the guy was speaking? It was to fast for me even if I knew Spanish. I love the photo of lioness Melinda. I plan to make a photo for her soon. Today very rough, no sleep didn’t help. Hope you and the kids had a great day together. Talk to you later.
      Hugs 🙂
      Sleepy Cranky Twin M

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      • Twin P
        So far feeling little better, sleep helps. Did the kids get gifts or lumps of coal from Santa? What did you get from Santa? I hope you had a great day and not all stressed out. What happened at dinner with the man? My hope is he shows respect for you at all times. If not all time then at minimum in front of kids and in your house.
        Talk with you soon. David bought me two special antique gifts, I’m doing research on how old and more about the pieces.
        Sleepy Twin M

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      • Hola Twin!
        I’m glad you are feeling better. The kids had fun and got what they wanted 🙂
        I didn’t get my boyfriend, so I was sure to buy for me something I wanted a couple of weeks ago and find it in the morning 🙂
        I’m glad you got nice presents from David.

        The man pissed me off today, yesterday he was nice.

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      • Hola Twin P
        I can’t wait to hear the story about the man today.
        My health is concerning me, I am looking for another doctor for a second opinion. Being in so much pain the past couple of days has me questioning his understanding if he listens and his communication skills are lacking. I’ve reached the point of total frustration.
        Frustrated Twin M

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