NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness Needs your help. Call your Senator and tell them to support the Clay Hunt SAV Act.

Tell Your Senators To Support Suicide Prevention For Our Nation’s Military and Veterans

In one of the first actions in the new Congress, the House passed HR 203, The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act. This legislation requires annual assessment of mental health care and suicide prevention programs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and implements a pilot loan forgiveness program for psychiatrists that agree to serve in the VA. The bill passed unanimously – demonstrating the strong bipartisan support for addressing gaps in mental health and suicide prevention programs at the VA.

NAMI strongly supports the Clay Hunt SAV Act.

We are asking you to keep this momentum going by calling your Senators today. Tell them how important this bill is to the mental health care system for our country’s military and veterans.

Our nation’s military and veterans have protected us for decades; it’s time we help protect them. Contact your Senator today,

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