14 year old prostitute needs help not prison *Please sign Change.org Petition*


Don’t Charge Victim Of Child Abuse 

Petitioner April Childs  Watkinsville, GA

Earlier this month, Georgia Police busted a prostitution ring involving 11 men and a 14-year-old girl. Not only do they plan to prosecute the child predators, but they have charged the 14-year-old victim with prostitution as well. Sixteen is the age of sexual consent in Georgia. District Attorney Fred Bright is charging a statutory rape victim with a crime she’s not legally old enough to commit. Help me tell him child prostitution victims need help, not prison.

My name is April Childs. I am a parent and Georgian, and I work as a forensic interviewer of children. My job entails interviewing victims of child abuse and sexual assault. I can take their testimony and transmit it to prosecutors so the victims don’t have to endure the stress and humiliation of taking the stand and seeing their accuser. I have worked with more than 500 children and helped them tell their story to officials so their abusers could be duly prosecuted. That’s why I was so shocked when I heard about Chief Kent Lawrence and District Attorney’s Bright’s plan to charge this young girl with prostitution, further victimizing her and punishing her for an act she couldn’t have legally consented to.

What the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuitplans to do with this young girl goes against any legal, therapeutic or even common sense protocol. The law–both federal and state–recognizes that children do not have the emotional capability to consent to sexual activity. As a vulnerable population, children should be protected from predatory adults, as well as helped to heal from traumas inflicted upon them. Charging a victim of statutory rape does exactly the opposite. It places blame on the victim which is counterproductive to the healing process.

Join me and tell DA Fred Bright to respect state law and human decency and refuse to prosecute the victim.



  1. As a former child prostitute myself, I know exactly how these things happen. As a pediatrician, I know that a child of 14 does not have the capacity to prevent being preyed upon. I’ve signed this petition and have shared it widely. Interestingly, this Change.org used the same stock photo that I bought and is licensed to ME for the cover of my memoir-in-progress, “A Runaway Life.” I’m not sure if I should do anything about this, seeing as it promotes the message in my book! Please, everyone, sign and distribute this petition as widely as you can. Thanks so much for posting it!

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    1. Hi Laura
      You’ve had a rough go in life. Your strength and determination moved you to here. I am pulling together resources on my collaborative site, Survivors Blog Here. One of the topics I will solicit interest &/or information on. I have a long list of ideas, all of us have other sites and all have f/t jobs. They can’t contribute as much time. My mind wants to but my Lyme eaten brain can’t think that fast. I believe the topic is important, can/how can we avoid, how can offer shelter and more importantly how to dig out of vicious cycle. I will certainly contact you for some assistance if the team votes for the topic. The photo, that’s an interesting situation. Do you think it can help produce dollars for your book. Maybe talk with and see how they respond. Did they get the image from your blog? If so I would read the copyright to see how much coverage images have. It will be interesting to see.
      Have a great day.


    1. Hello friend
      You’re right, children not able to live the life of a child. I could have landed on the streets. That must be a huge hole to dig out of. I was a drug addict at 12 and more mature either parent. It breaks my heart. These kids fall thru the cracks or overdose. We worked hard to keep moving our life forward. We were the lucky ones.

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      1. Hugs to you too, she should not be held accountable for the choices of irresponsible adults, that will indeed be a deep hole to climb out of and she is already in deep. Here is another hug.


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