Twin P

Thank you for the loving words, I cried. Payback is comedy!!!!!!!!! This is the dance we are taking on our world tour! I can see now, The Sexy Twin Tour.  🙂  XO Warrior

6 Comments on “Sneak Peak from Twins Paola and Melinda World Tour

  1. Twin!! Do you want me to learn how to dance the Macarena? 😀
    I’ll need extra doses of alcohol to achieve something like that 🙂
    I’m glad you like the words ❤ ❤

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    • It will take lots of alcohol to put my ass is anything like that!!!!!! If I looked close that might be a differ story. I did learn to dance it while very drunk on a cruise.
      He have time to get ready for World Tour!

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      • A lot, A LOT of alcohol Twin. I don’t dance!! But I guess that if I’m in a cruise I could make that sacrifice!! 🙂


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