Gramps enjoying scratch off games

Gramps enjoying scratch off games 


XO All my love

14 Comments on “Thank you for making me the woman I am….Gramps I love you

      • Thank you Van
        It’s Photoshop Elements, as my Lyme has slowly erased my brain I had to give up Photoshop and Aperture. Photoshop Elements is so easy. If you have any kids interested in photos or art is a great product for less than $100.
        I bought the Dragon software to help me keep up with blowing, but if the brain doesn’t have an idea, there’s nothing to write. I’ll be so glad when I get well. My blog is not what I want it to be, it’s hard when you spend most of day in bed or couch.
        Lot more info than you bargained for. Thanks for being a loyal follower.

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