Throw Back Thursday * Best of best thru the years*

It’s 5:02am, I’m jamming picking Thursday tunes. I have so much fun deciding what to play each week. I hope you enjoy as much. I cover the years this week. Set back, adjust headphones, volume up and flash back to the memories.  XO Warrior


    1. Pressure Cooker Twin P
      You add more stress by trying to read every post. I have about 15 I don’t skip, including yours. I read all I can in two days, if it’s still in email after 2-3 days I have to skip, I would never catch up either.
      Sleepy Twin M

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        1. Twin P
          I had to unfollow many great writers but can’t handle 10 poset a day. It’s all priorities and that’s hard to juggle. Right now it’s your driving and getting the run away boy to go away!!!!!!!!
          Twin M


  1. Thanks for your kind offer, M., I have been very stable, and med-free for some time now. Changes during menopause seem to have been to my benefit. My issue was always depression, but manic symptoms crept up on me a few times. I was 40 when I got an actual diagnosis…before that, I just accepted it as my burden. I had witnessed it so much growing up, it didn’t seem unusual, and I was in denial. I will surely keep your e-mail address, I’m honored by your support, and that of so many other lovely bloggers here on WP. Oh..the kindness of strangers.It never ceases to amaze me. Hugs to you. Van

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    1. Van
      I am thrilled to hear you’ve been able to drop the meds. I had a hysto at 28 so no real meno for me. I have had some tough times with my Bipolar, it’s hard when the people who love you don’t understand mental illness. You look fine, I grew to hate the saying. If you need someone I’m here.
      Have a great weekend.

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    1. Van
      I love music and was so jacked up looking for just the right songs. I feel it when I hear the first notes. I was up all night looking for the right feeling/memories. This is a classic. I was young when this was a hit and used to jump on bed with my air guitar flying. I’m trying to find current music to hit a younger crowd, not much there for me in general. I like todays music but will they past the the test of time? Maybe a couple. I’m a rocker chick with a few love song thrown in.
      Thanks for listening and glad you enjoyed. I read on your site you have a mental illness, are you stable thru meds? I’m always here if you want to talk about the more serious side of who we are. My hand is reached out, take it when needed.

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