Throw Back Thursday *Yin Yang Tribute From My Heart*

I hope you enjoy my new fascination with dragons.      XO Warrior 

Painted Lady


    1. One of your followers came to see me for the first time, thought interesting. Have to see what brought him over this way.
      If their still around. is a place to look. I’m sure there are others. There aren’t that many words, the same ones.

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  1. Very nice M! I am very fond of the Asian dragons. They are benevolent and virtuous and have attributes of Yin and Yang. My favorite martial art was Hapkido although I didn’t limit myself to just one discipline. I never learned to levitate though. Defying gravity takes years to master and I was very impatient as a young country boy. 🙂

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    1. D
      I had mixed feeling sin the end that maybe should have taken differ approach. Kung Fu Fighting was so cool, I loved the song back in it’s day. It was difficult to find other musical videos without fighting going on in background. I really loved watching the Marine Corp Martial Arts School training. But don’t want to bring others down with the things I find interesting. I didn’t see it a fighting, it’s taking two ways of fighting to defend yourself and defeat the bad guys. Is is weird a woman thinks about stuff like that?

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      1. Some of the most accomplished martial artists in the world are women. The combination of power and grace makes an old warriors heart thump. Tiger Mom is a 7th degree Halmoni. When she was young her Korean nickname was River Stone. She was smooth and hard like the rounded stones in the mountain streams. She can still crack a noggin with a hard glance.

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        1. D
          I had no idea there were so many types of martial arts. A dear friend of mine must have been a natural. She received her Black belt in record time. She would come home with the biggest bruises on her legs and arms. What has always drawn me to martial arts, it’s mind and brawn and you fight yet not enemies. Halmoni is another I have not heard of.
          I’d like to see you levitate!!!!!!!!!! See if you still have the mental strength of a warrior.


      1. It’s true. As a teenager I worked on the local farms to earn money for clothes and shoes to wear to school. Country boy fashion was very simple back then and never out of style. Boots, white socks, jeans, and a plaid shirt. No Sponge Bob Square Pants briefs to confuse the issues in those days.

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        1. Just some tidy whites and you’er covered. I don’t picture you being a country boy. Working in the country to make money is one things, wearing overalls or wranglers are another.
          I had an impression you came from old money living in old Southern mansion.

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          1. My grandparents were Southern gentry from an old line of land owners that came to Florida after the Revolution. My father was a wanderer and we lived in a small town in Mississippi, population 300. There was nothing there but subsistence farming and I came of age in the soil of hard labor and old southern traditions. My grandparents taught me good manners of the old society and my life on the farms taught me how to dream while breaking your back. There were only two breaks in those days. Daybreak and back-break.

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