Throw Back Thursday * Triple Shot Best of Best U2 *

I look at the global influence of U2 today, it’s hard to think of them as young choir boys. Bono’s strong religious beliefs shine thru many top hits. Moment of Surrender grabs me not wanting to let go. Grab a relaxing chair, sip your drink till fill some warmth. Get ready rock, Then come down slowly with Moments of Surrender. I hope you enjoy the tunes and have great weekend.  XO  Warrior 

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Looking for the Light

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17 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday * Triple Shot Best of Best U2 *

  1. Loved it M! My favorite place on Thursday. I played, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” every night when it came out until I found it. This one flooded me with memories.

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        1. Twin P Thanks on the photos, my love is photography. It’s been so long since getting out. I will get well and practice like hell after that. I’m not a great photographer but on here they look pretty good.
          I’m wearing my Rosary and scarf the entire trip.
          Take care of yourself, nice hot lavender bath with glass of wine. Just chill.
          I’ll mis you. Hugs
          Twin M

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          1. Twin P
            David is out walking and taking photos. All the walking almost killed me. At one point I’m leaning against wall to walk. Legs hurt so bad think I’ll shop, blog and get some questions down to ask doctor. The Rosary is so comfy.
            Remember how special you are and remind yourself often. Life will work out the way it’s meant to be,

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          2. Thank you Twin!
            I only wish I could sneak and see if that’s true 🙂

            I’m sorry you are so tired. I hope you like the doctor and he is able to help you soon.

            Hugs ❤

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