No Justice for Darren Rainey's death by two prison guards…Prison Reform Now Update on Prison Reform Bill and Darren Rainey’s death.

Steven Wetstein
Miami, FL
Apr 22, 2015 — Friends,
I’m passing on a message from a George Mallinkcrodt, a member of Stop Prison Abuse Now who has advocated constantly for prison reform by speaking to Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones, to each legislator, and by testifying at legislative hearings, all in the search for justice for Darren Rainey.
We’ll be contacting you in the coming days as legislation on prison reform faces further votes. Many thanks to you all.

Thanks, Steve Wetstein

A Message From George Mallinckrodt:

For those who don’t know, I worked as a psychotherapist in the psychiatric ward where Darren Rainey was killed by guards. Since I came forward in a Miami Herald story in May 2014, I’ve been active as a full-time human rights activist and an advocate for the humane treatment of inmates in the Florida Department of Corrections.

I’d like to personally thank all who have signed Darren Rainey’s petition. June 23rd will be the three year anniversary of his death – still no arrests or coroners’ report. Be assured, we’re not giving up.

Of immediate concern is the passage of a meaningful prison reform bill by Florida lawmakers. Another thanks goes out to people who’ve called or emailed legislators. I’ve sent key Senators and Representatives suggestions that I posted on my blog. Please keep contacting them.

No matter what happens in the legislative session that ends May 1st, I am committed to taking Rainey’s story and Florida prison issues to the national level. I’m reaching out to anybody who can put me in touch with national TV, radio, and print outlets. Please contact me via my website contact page if you can help.

Thanks again to the over 205,397 who signed Rainey’s petition – I feel honored to be part of the team.

George Mallinckrodt

The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.

Albert Einstein


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