Warhol Wall…Sharing my love of art



Warhol Wall in my office



I have two rooms covered floor to ceiling in art. Next I’ll have to move to stairs. Art makes my life brighter and learning about artist is interesting. Very few pieces are expensive originals, no need with so many emerging artist. 

XO  Warrior


    1. Hi Maria
      Green has been my color for years. Than you on the art, I like collecting inexpensive pieces that mix well together. In the old days when I has lots of money and no husband, I bought a few expensive pieces. The Whales tail is an original Wyland, a special piece to me. I love the water, water baby Cancer.
      Have a great day. Remind yourself how smart you are and passing the test is no problem if you prepare. 🙂

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      1. I love the water too, Pisces over here 🙂 Green is so soothing! I am having a thing for green again these days and I am contemplating painting one wall in my new bedroom green, like green/turquoise/ocean color!
        I hope I did fine on my exam, but really I have no clue, just happy I managed to deliver it and feel good about what I put together.
        Hope you are having a great day!
        Hugs Maria

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        1. Maria
          Painting sounds good. I plan to redo my bathroom, I bought removable wallpaper. In my healthy state I have to wait for husband. It might be a while. I love accent walls, we have one in our living room.
          I believe you will do very well on your test. Now think positive about the next test.
          Have a great day,

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    1. Hi friend
      Thank you I have so much fun finding inexpensive pieces to mix with the few other pieces I have. The Warhol’s were only $29. I shop at Gilt.com and they have great prices on art and this past week for less than $100 you could get originals of emerging artist. You have to join to shop there but no a fee, they carry many items for house and clothes for everyone. You might want to take a look if you’re looking for good deals.
      I’m running on you probably didn’t want the whole run down. I’m following you.
      Have a great day.

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        1. i’m glad we had the chance to meet. I live in Texas, USA. I like to make jewelry and all type of crafts but with Lyme arthritis it’s hard on the hands. Let me bounce an idea off of you. I think having initials around on wall in cool. I thought of taking cool frames I have, small and large, getting the large stick on letters and mounting to craft paper. It’s much less than the $100 I’ve seen on them. I know people are using the letters in kids and babies rooms. Thoughts? You’re my muse this morning.

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