Bring Change 2 Mind *End the stigma of Mental Illness*


Dear Friend,

Every story shared brings change and helps to end stigma. Here’s mine:

I never aspired to be a mental health advocate. I’m an entrepreneur, a business guy, a creative type with an appreciation for the bottom line. If things don’t work, you fix them.

When one of my three beautiful children became sick with a mental illness, our family faced tremendous pain and confusion. Stigma kept our struggle private, fear kept us on heightened alert, and treatment options were hard to navigate. We were now on the front lines of mental illness, and experiencing stigma first hand.

My daughter, Emily, lost her courageous battle with a borderline personality disorder and depression on March 17, 2013. She is forever in our hearts.

In her honor, our family has vowed to end the terrible stigma that surrounds mental health challenges and to promote wellness. Our hope is that other families never confront such pain and loss.

As the Chairman of the Board of BC2M, I am humbled to see the number of people that we have touched through our website, PSAs, social media sites, and programs. We are creating change, and starting conversations where there once was silence.

To keep the conversation going, I am compelled to help raise funds to support BC2M. This month, my company, mybody Advanced Probiotic Skincare, will partner to support Bring Change 2 Mind by donating 20% of the proceeds from the sales of our best selling products. I hope you will consider purchasing a product or donating to support this mission. mybody skincare products use innovative probiotic technology to bring positive change to skin for better health and wellness, inside and out.

That’s my story, and one example of how I am going to fight stigma. What’s yours?

Join us. Help us. #StartTheConversation

David Watson
Chair, Board of Directors

Bring Change 2 Mind
1265 Battery Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111



  1. Hi David. Sorry for your loss. I truly sympathize: my “little” sister fell to the same condition nearly twenty years ago. I still can’t believe it. It’s hardest I guess on the survivors and I commend you for your initiative. It’s takes courage to move on.
    Bless you.


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