Bucket List Friday *I Love My Children…*What did I just say?*

Shaggy my Blonde Boy, is always ready to play. I keep the house quite  during the day, not much playing lately. David comes home and Shaggy runs finding a toys and chases him until Shaggy get his fill. His mind is always ready for anything. Banjo is my mixed colored Australian Boy. His name was Banjo at shelter. I knew right away Banjo would keep his name. I’ve taught him a number of commands and tricks. He’s older than we are so he takes it pretty slow. Yes, he does still sleep on blankly.




051-1 IMG_0130009

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  1. Looking for the Light-

    I’m collecting the URLs for the blog tour. I’ll be posting them on my site and sending them to the other bloggers to do so as well. Please forward me the url for the post you’d like included. You can do so by commenting on this post: http://bit.ly/1EHPZIA

    BTW- I need the information by the end of the day today. And if you know of others who wish to be included, please send them along as well.



    • Hi Robert
      They are like children, sometimes they get on you last nerve.
      Hope your weekend is going great. I got more bad new at eye doctor yesterday. This has been a rough month. I hope to get a brief introduction. I’m one who thinks the longer I take the excitement fades.
      Have a great day.

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      • I’m sorry that it’s been so difficult for you this month…but I do understand. Very often my schedule is set by whatever therapy stirs up. This has been a good day because I’ve been able to focus.

        If you want I can write the intro…

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      • If I can’t knock it out this weekend, I may take you up on the offer. I forget a lot because of Lyme. I’ve had trouble finding a flag I spent lots of time on, I always do a tribute to Veterans. Just coming for DC David got a couple of photos I could Photoshop. It’s so cool.
        Have a great day and hope they stay good for you.

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      • I understand and don’t worry. I lose days at a time which is why I do as much as I can when I’m fully present. I’m glad that so many people are honoring our Vets tomorrow. We owe the Iraqi Vets big time.

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