Survivors Blog Here is thrilled to announce Robert Goldstein has joined our team.


“As far as your eyes can see, the universe can see farther”  Oprah

Survivors Blog Here is breaking out the happy dance. We’re excited to announce Robert Goldstein has joined our team. Stop by, pull up a chair, his site http://artbyrobertmgoldstein engulfs you then pulls you back looking for another gem.

Robert is a strong advocate for mental illness, he supports the WP family by sharing personal experiences of his journey with mental illness. He is a multi-year member of Blog for Mental Illness.

Robert’s talent includes poetry, photo art, writing, art work and don’t forget to click on Flicker button. His skills as a photograph takes artistry to a new level. His site is laid out nicely, topics are easy to find. He’s an all around nice guy.

 What are you waiting for, you can catch his work at or We look forward to seeing you soon.

Welcome from the Survivors Blog Here team! 



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