Throw Back Thursday *Memories…Good Times…Regrets*

When introspective, I fall in to music. Music defines a time and space. The memories are not all good, many are from rough times in life. No one knows what each song means to me or why, the answers locked away. A  favorite U2 song is ” Running to Stand Still”. Etched in my soul, reflecting on my life. 

Pull up a chair or lounge with a lover, Enjoy the beverage. I would pick a Merlot to relax and take in the moment.    XO  Warrior 


  1. Thanks for the time and company. Very relaxing. Gotta love all three songs. Each different … Norah is one of my favs, then you include a power ballad and an oldie. … and since you obviously enjoy music, you must start attending my blog musicals (just had an act)


  2. excellent post, super music… a glass of red Bordeaux wine-2011 would be fine, too?… 😉 santé! cheers! 🙂
    * * *
    I met Norah Jones 3 years ago, she sat next to me on a Houston-Dallas flight… small world, indeed… 🙂 she’s not only extremely talented, but also a BEAUTIFUL young lady… ❤

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    • I’m thrilled you enjoyed the music. Norah went to high school not far from here. Many musicians graduated from school. I’ve hear she is really nice. I live in north burb of Dallas.
      I don’t drink any longer but have not forgotten the greatest wines I’ve tasted. If we go to dinner a sell a great wine by glass I will indulge. In France not drinking wine would insult. Luckily I drank when visiting France.
      Have a great weekend.


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