Randstein at  hyperiumstrum.wp.com  honored me with The No Strings Attached Award. If you have not spent time admiring his art work or short stories, you are depriving yourself of sheer joy or confusion. He writes about Mythology with great knowledge. I particularly enjoy The Dragons story. Randstein has a wicked sense of humor. Head over, walk around and see where you would like to start. 

The bustling award season has kicked off in the blogosphere. Many great blogs pass on awards because the time involved. I’m thrilled to have an award to honor blogs in the midst.   

Blog Awarded:

bipolarforlife.wp.com    Laura P. Schulman MD,MA

Laura and I have so much fun talking travel, her predicaments, and life on the road in a Home with wheels. Laura is as intelligent, she is slap in the back funny. I love to hear from her.


19 Comments on “Randstien Honors Me With No Strings Attached Award

  1. Why, thank you so much! I’m tickled that you singled me out of our wonderful herd of fellow eccentrics in Bloggie-land. (Did I mention I’m reading Louis L’Amour again?)

    I’m glad my black humor approach to catastrophe doesn’t make you nauseous. I’m sure I’ve sent a number of less hardy readers over the brink…of the porcelain, that is.

    You’re an amazing lady yourself! I look forward to a looooong and interesting Bloggie friendship xxx Laura

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  2. Thank you for the holla back, M! Confusion? Is my confusion coming out in the stories 🙂 Perhaps the best way to read my writing is without comprehension. Or maybe I should write without comprehension. That would be easier on everybody. Take care out there, Hugz – D!

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    • D
      My reference is to my lack of understanding of Mythology. You are a brilliant writing regardless of topic. If I don’t understand then it’s not my style. Send me email let me know what doctor has going on. How about an update on your consulting job.


    • You’ve received all the same awards. I think you have one I don’t but I can’t remember. I have about 10 more for my page but I have to go back to find the codes. When I took the badges off the front page I didn’t save code. Not a huge priority. Did you see D dedicated Wed. Dragon story to you. It’s hot as a frying pan!!!!!

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      • I could finally read it Twin! I’m so behind!!
        What do you mean with codes? the rules or the pictures? Let me know if I can help you finding them 🙂

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      • when you red an award you get the http from the other person. I didn’t keep all the https for mine. It’s small in the big picture. I’ll get around to or not. I have plenty as it is up.

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      • It’s just the link to their blogs. If you remember who gave the award to you, you can link them back 🙂
        If don’t, don’t worry… You’ll probably get the awards again soon 😀 ❤

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