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The American flag is a symbol of freedom. Freedom we have enjoyed since the birth of our country. Military families have made sacrifices every time called to duty. If your boots are on the ground, you’re on my mind. We want you on American soil soon. A hug to all who’ve fought for our freedom. You are not forgotten! Sending a laugh. ย  XO ย Melinda

19 Comments on “American My Home Sweet Home *Military Families You Are Not Forgotten*

  1. Thanks M! That was very entertaining. I laughed as I remembered thinking the same thing she noted. We could move millions of metric tons of gear and supplies but creature comforts aren’t authorized in an expeditionary force until all the fun has settled down. Porta-potties are no joke in a mortar attack. It adds new meaning to the statement, “blow sh*t up.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Yes, that draws a different picture. Watch out for flying shit!!!! Where do you do your business at? Carry little blue doggie bags on your belt. I’ve thought of that so many times. You’re in a heavy fire fight with a man down, you can’t do much but pee on yourself or die. See how my mind works…..all the little details matter. They matter to you, explaining is the vinegar for you.
      The clip is from several comedians who did an USO trip. My fav comic, dirty mouth, is Ron White. He hosted the show. You have to listen to him, he takes the simplest dumb
      shit thing and make a joke out of.
      What are you doing today?

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      • We dig a lot of holes and use a lot of empty water bottles. Sometimes you hold it for a week or two. Birthday party for grandchild is on the menu for the day.

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      • We have MRE’s made to stop you up and MRE’s design to bust you loose. It’s a vicious cycle.

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      • No, MRE’s have toilet paper and we used unscented baby wipes for a thousand different things including keeping our baby fresh butts pure and sparkling clean.

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      • I don’t know about baby butt maybe baby fresh clean. If you’ve away from barracks you probably haven’t showered. So your butt smells better than the rest. I thought MRE’s were just the food, didn’t realize it brought the comforts of home to you.

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      • MRE’s boxes come with lots of goodies. We also get health and welfare boxes that have all kinds of glorious surprises. We use MRE boxes to build furniture, floors, walls, shelves, and toilets. They are very tough boxes.

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      • Living like a savage beast makes you crafty. Nothing goes to waste except bad tasting MRE’s. Yes we built furniture, walls and floors for our tents. We had to have something to store our gear in. Plus it got us off the dirt where creepy things live.

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      • Absolutely. Give a troop cardboard and 100 MPH tape and he’ll build a fortified castle.

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      • I wish I got to pick the neighborhood. We would have invaded a tropical island with lots of rum.

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