I hope you’re eyes opened as much as mine. This is a tremendous change in policy. A policy now able to see the value of women on front lines. Some mixed feelings are swirling in my head. Time will tell if women are treated as equals. There other thoughts I’m not ready to express now, I need more time for all to sink in. I pray for justice for all and punishment on either sex if disrespectful.

5 Comments on “TED Talk: Meet The First Women To Fight On Front Lines of an American War

  1. One learns in such circumstance that success is not a gender but a mental attitude and the heart and soul to face extreme challenge with confidence. This is not a virtue of every man and woman but one for those who understand selfless service, courage, and loyalty to something greater than themselves. The path to that confidence is long and hard. Not everyone can do it; but, those that can are extraordinary men and women to which, we owe a great deal. At a minimum, they should have our respect and support.

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    • The Military is not for everyone, less people have the warrior spirit. All who shine and reach for more are worthy of the spotlight.
      You must have the cars under control to spend time here.

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      • Had three cars go down. Been shuffling back and forth all day but had a break so decided to drop by and see what you were up to. πŸ™‚

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