4 Comments on “President Jimmy Carter *Believes the mistreatment of Woman is the #1 Human Rights Abuse

  1. Well it´s certainly not good to mistreat women and I should add that quite a lot of woman, and it has happened to me, can be quite manipulative and get the guy in a lot of trouble and when the guy wakes up, well, he´s in jail and then to trial and then gets absolved of the charge against him since even the judge is thinking how crazy the accuser was. Anyways, point being is that really the number one human rights abuse? And this guy was president?
    What about all the genocide that is happening now in the middle east with ISIS beheading everyone, Muslim, Christians, you name it and if they don´t think the others are on their side out goes the head bouncing, what about the prostitution when they take women and sell them like slaves, just to name a few. I think this guy priorities are a bit off. But that´s just my little humble opinion.


  2. I’ve always had so much respect for him. The U.S. was a mess while he was in office, but he maintained his dignity, and has retired to so many worthy causes. ☺

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