I'm Blessed To Celebrate My Birthday With You *I get stronger every birthday*

Worhol Wall

Glimpse Of Warhol Wall

Verna Falls Yosemite Nation ParK

Painted Verna Falls Yosemite National ParK

I hope everyone has a great day. Everyone can celebrate the blessing of today. It’s fun posting photo prints, you can see my interest outside of WP. You can see another side of me.

Let’s Celebrate the day together.



      • I’m planning a big trip for me alone. It’s been 15 years since I have distressed. I said to David, if I live, I’m going somewhere very nice and relax, spend many hours in spa. During the 15 years, I took care of both grandparents until they passed. I started having having heart problems which took at yr. to diagnose. I need to be alone, soul search and quite. I can plan the steps need to get my charity and the ministry work. I’m an Ordained Minister with so much to learn. I’m excited but know it will take up to 5 yrs to get well. Lyme is a challenge God put in my path. I have to work hard to survive. I’ll take all the prayers I can.

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      • So sorry M… that’s a long time to be suffering and it sounds like you really need some time away. Going to Mt. Zion was a spiritual journey for me, as I had dreamed of going there before I even saw pictures and when I got there, it was exactly as I dreamed. I am going to be writing a book based upon the dream that I had. Going there in person really solidified my desire to do so and I am eager to get the writing process started. Life is crazy hectic right now and so my book is on the back burner. I hear having Lyme disease is an awful thing to go through. I have a half-sister who has it and I am not sure of her situation since I don’t have any contact with her. I will pray for your health and that you will be able to find solitude, even in your daily life. Hugs to you my friend! πŸ™‚

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      • Michelle
        With my eyesight getting worse, I work hard everyday so I can give myself the false impression that I’m hanging on. Lyme scared me from the beginning but losing my eyesight is hard to get your head around. I need to study the areas of ministry needed to build the site. If I’m thinking about God and Jesus, my mind will refocus and the time spent will come back to me.
        I’m glad you have a foundation for a book, it can be the hardest part.
        I have something to talk with you about. Not sure I have offline email. I’ll check to see if it’s on your site.
        Take care, keep thinking about the blue skies and fresh air.

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      • I really hope that God will bless you and restore your eyesight completely. If you want to contact me, you can email me at jeansforjesus@gmail.com I don’t mind giving it out publicly because this was my business email when I was running the free clothing store out of my home. Your name brought back a memory to me today. My original book that I wrote as a child had your name in it as the main character. I named the book, “The Peddler and the Orange Seeds.” Have a great day and I will continue to pray for you. ~M

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    • With my health there wasn’t anything fun about it. David bought me desert and I worked at half speed. I didn’t get to sleep until 5:00am, so it was very rough today. The positive is when exhuxhased actually keeps me focused. I spent most of the day working. Had several new people stop by. I have to many followers to speak with each one. Today I had the chance to meet nice people. That is what makes my heart overflow with joy.
      I have the named the charity, God’s Tree of Life Ministries. I’m using Pud’n Cup for one initiative.
      There is so much I want to do and it’s not possible now. The time gives me a chance to pratice being a Minister. I learned how bad I am at praying for others in public.
      I’ll make it work.

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