Throw Back Thursday (Wednesday) *Let's Get Rocked*

I hit pay dirt this week. The first two are in pre-release, I think both drop later this month.  David Gilmore doesn’t have a video. None of the bands are new, you’ve heard many of their tunes here. The last video is my Guitar Hero, Eric Clapton. He sounded great even thru one ear. I not happy with Bose right now.

If the music captures you, download and get your rock on anytime. Eric caresses the strings perfectly, I lose myself  every time.

Grab your beverage along with a nice assortment of cheese, bread and toppings. 

I wasn’t drinking any beverages posting today, just forgot what day it was. Music is the good for you fruit. Eric Clapton doesn’t sound as perfect as liked, I could not pass up the best solo I’ve hear.   

A shout out to a Dragon friend of mine.   XO Melinda

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  1. ha ha! You fooled me. I thought you were posting today – Thursday. Thanxs for the shout out. Very overwhelmed these days. Just don’t have any time and need to get more done.

    Loved the selection. David Gilmour has taken a wide departure from his usual sound but he carries it off well. A diehard Floyd fan might not like it but I thought he did a great job.

    Layla has been a favorite sense it was released. I never grow tired of it. Now to listen to the first one! Rock On M!

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  2. Twin, since Monday I’m feeling it was Thursday, I laughed when I saw this yesterday, I thought: “well, it’s not only me!!”
    Today is Thursday and I feel lost, it doesn’t feel like Thursday at all 🙂
    And nice selection!! 🙂

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I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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