I’ve been sick for years without a correct diagnoses. I took a wild guess and found a Lyme doctor. A reckless one. He gave me a lab report saying I had three times the level of lead than normal. We spent three days looking for LEAD. I called the office, while on hold I realized this wasn’t my labs.

Chronic Lyme Disease is a long battle. I wanted the best Doctor possible, off to D.C. for my first visit with Dr. Jemsek. I learned the Lyme Disease has progressed. My cognitive ability is 50-60%, I have Adrenal Fatigue, it can take five years of treatment to get well, or well as I’ll get. The tests were positive and will allow for IV Infusion Treatment. The next step is how much insurance will cover. Without insurance coverage the cost of IV Infusion Treatment for six months is $40-60K. I also have to fly to D.C. every month for checkup.  FUN! FUN!

 I sincerely thank my friends, you’ve lifted my spirit with every comment of well wishes.  

I’ve included videos showing people who have Chronic Lyme. One video is my doctor, Dr. Jemsek. The crowd is mainly patients he’s treated over the years. Celebrating the premier of his movie Under Our Skin.  XO  Melinda

Jemsek speaks out

Avril Lavigne

**Everyone who spends time outside or has children playing near wooded areas. The video is an hour-long homemade video made by her husband. I urge everyone to watch. It will remind you DEET products are the only recommendation by Lyme Specialist. I don’t like DEET but if saves a child or yourself from getting Lyme, it’s a tradeoff I’d take.


17 Comments on “Lyme Journal Entry 12 *Summer Refresher, NO ONE Is Immune To Lyme*

  1. I just finished watching the Dr. J video – I have seen the other videos in this post. The Dr. J video has made me very teary. Thank God we have doctors like him that are not afraid to call out the nay-sayers, the IDSA docs that are ruining the face of their profession, and the insurance companies. WOW. He is an amazing person.

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  2. Wow, that is a lot to undertake, the travel, the expense, how hard all that is in addition to the disease, so sorry. But finding a reputable doctor must be a relief. So glad about that for you.

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    • I did tons of research to find a doctor. After a year of test by a neurologist, I studied the lab work and looked at what stood out. I narrowed down to 8 autoimmune diseases. I was lucky, I picked the right one. Being able to get in with my current doctor is a blessing from above. I can get emotionally overwhelming. I’m also losing my eyesight, didn’t include in post. Very scary. Thank you for taking the time for commenting, connections keep me going.


      • Oh. : ( That is scary. Very overwhelming. I hope the loss of your ability to see is temporary?
        I don’t know what is going on these days with doctors. You had to to figure it out. And advocate assertively.
        I think they just take on too many patients in order to pay the bills and insurance.
        But good for you and all the work you did to promote your health and well-being.

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      • It’s a vicious cycle. Insurance controls doctors and patients. The CDC is working on Lyme stats from 20 years ago. They recently admitted the number was higher yet no change on their site. Basically the CDC is where the info starts. Insurance companies will not pay or partial pay unless CDC supports. It is a huge mess. There is so much to read and get a handle just the the political side. Most of the doctors treated large number of patients, loss their practice, including Jemsek. Most had license taken away for a year. Like many big influencers are not sharing all the info. We have 8-15 doctors getting kickbacks who are feeding info which effects to many people.
        Very crazy.


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