Happy Friday! Let's get the grove on…..*I'm A Champion*

IMG_1089Me in 10th grade, WOW those eyes. I didn’t see any beauty. My thoughts were shallow, a child walking blind. I’m free of past scars with an open heart. I am a champion!    XO Melinda


    1. Hi Van
      You’re the greatest, knowing the right words and remembering how my past fits with the feelings of today.
      I was very scared yesterday, my left eye, the worst one, lost more eyesight. I have had hammer headache since. I don’t know another language, learning Braille seems overwhelming. I’m not permanently down or spiraling in depression. I’m trying to keep both sides in perspective.
      Thanks for coming by, you always make me feel stronger. You are one hell of a lady.

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  1. Nice picture M. I can see you were thinking of something else when the picture was made. Nice song from Katy Perry too! Get your ROAR on! 🙂

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    1. My left eye lost more eyesight. I’m scared and feel beat down. I’m trying to keep level headed by thinking of others. The only Roar I have is crying. Just a lonely, scary time. I see eye doctor 9/1.
      I wasn’t to bad in High School.

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    2. D
      That was a surprise photo while working on story in Journalism. Back is my over the moon goals. To think I was convinced Life would hire me as a photojournalist. Not much has changed, dream big or go home.
      You like Katy Perry, that is a surprise. I don’t see her music as your style.
      I had a narrow goal of career choices. What I learned quickly, way before computers, I am a terrible speller, grammar is really lacking, narrow knowledge of writing beyond a person who was bad in English. I didn’t even realize College was required. I set my goal on what I love.
      I missed that goal yet have gained so much blogging and achieving goal of starting a charity.
      I’m in a pity party.
      Don’t let me stay.

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