Sunshine…memories of Sail Racing topped with breathtaking sunset


OH HAPPY DAY!  Dedicated to you.

Recreational Sport Vacation Yachting On The Ocean In The Summer
Sport Racing In The Brilliant Sunshine

I am a Cancer and nothing could fit better. I love the water, sailing and joined a team to race on friends 30′ sailboat. Beautiful memories sailing and watching the sunset enjoying a deep red wine.  I hope you have sunshine in your life today.   XO  M



Images By Graphic Images



    1. I only know how to speak Texan!
      Hope your well.
      Have you and Chris had a chance to chat yet. I like his style of poetry. He’s a nice guy, not in the best place personally. I thought you might intro him to your crowd of poets. Thanks. I his last post blew me away.

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        1. He’s pretty messed up from a recent break-up. Very Recent. He has only blogged since June and he’ll get over 100 likes. His writing is for people like me who can’t read between the line. There is something about him, he gets my heart every time. Of course I’m a hopeless romantic.
          Have you talked to Chris last week. He may be in a depressed state and possible high conflict divorce. He’s a great recruit. The truth comes out when you skid on on your face. I have a number of changes for the sight, need road map and Daniels help. I’ll send something an email to the team once I know who is falling off.
          The site is geared towards women. We are a well rounded group not DV support.

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          1. I don’t know…I have memory gaps…it sounds like someone is hurting. I don’t know what a DV group is but I’ll look it up…stuff has been happening that makes the DID flare up…so sometimes it’s hard for me to stay focused…but I don’t think I’ve ever talked to anyone who blogs except for Linda.

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          2. It’s my Lyme Disease is getting me down. My eyesight decreased in one eye, that will freak out. I’ve been blessed, when I bad times, God held my disease. I don’t want to think about depression on top of Lyme.
            I think the weather is throwing people off.
            Take care, be sure to reach out if you need help.

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          3. It’s caused by Lyme, the little monsters have caused more damage to the body. Lyme can move around. Part of the issue is they are living in a luxury condo in my brain. I may go blind, find out more 9/1. Thats a heavy thought. We do what we have to do. I lost count years ago on suicide attempts. God has my hand and he has a reason I don’t know yet.
            Thanks for letting me carry on.

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    1. There not my images but great to improve your skills with. I’ve been working on my award today. I just need to see how many to nominate-hopefully not to many. I love getting awards but the work is getting harder. Thanks again for thinking of my site for the award. 🙂

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      1. The images are wonderful but I was also referring to your short story accompanying them. Yes, awards can be time-consuming! I believe the key is to keep them fun, so be flexible with the rules when and where needed. Another blogger told me that award rules are more like guidelines. 🙂

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