Putting foot in the Dirt *Nominated Me For Liebster Award* Yay!

Michelle from puttingmyfeetinthedirt.wp.com  nominated me for the prized Liebster Award. Michele’s blog is informative, Christian based and makes you stop and soul search at times. I really enjoy talking to her and learning about her life outside of blogging. You have to check out her site puttingmyfeetinthedirt.wp.com , Michelle’s writing will inspire you.

11 facts about me

I watch true crimes programs on tv. I’ve learned so much about basic self-defense, stalking and how many family members kill each other. It’s very informative.

I’m concerned about underserved children in my community and shelters. My concern expands to children around the world. Working with children is the first initiative of the charity.

I love Pop Tarts, grateful for delicious gluten-free brands.

I loved jewelry as a child and have several necklaces made as a little one. Making  jewelry builds my confidence, growing when each piece comes out correctly.

A family of Hawks hang out on the bird bath. They enjoy drinking and cooling off. Sometimes three get in bath, making it a bit overcrowded.

I love to compost, worms and all.

Love to decorate and or planning changes.

Enjoy mapping my Ancestors, have found big surprises along the way.

Enjoy learning, there are thousands of free courses. I recently started a course at Stanford University on Human Trafficking.

Riding horses is a spiritual experience.

Love antique Leica rangefinder camera’s.

I have to duck out on nominations due to health. Take a look at your blog, have you worked hard to achieve original goals. If so you deserve the award. Follow the rules and pass the award along.



      1. Amy is always talking about selling her jewelry, but then she figures she wouldn’t enjoy making it as much if she did. She is talented and enjoys her artistic gift. What kind of jewelry do you make? Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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          1. Amy is trying to raise financial support for the mission trip that she is about to go on. She will spend 3 months training in New York and 2 months in Nepal. Selling her jewelry would really help.

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          2. To cool. Teach young kids how much better it feels to help and give than receive. A smile, hug or had shake is the greatest reward. The key reason I became a Minister and started a charity. I love the name. God’s Tree of Life Ministries. I won’t get much physical work done while ill. I’m focusing on mission statements and good stuff. I am not a good prayer. I don’t feel comfortable praying for people or working
            with the dying. This time gives me time to really study and become comfortable. Some people pray over you and they leave you so blessed. That’s my goal.
            I kept going on……

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          3. Praying in the middle of a group of people is really hard for me; I am better one on one. I believe the more I do pray for others though, the better I feel about doing it. It’s important and if we don’t, than who will? That’s what I tell myself anyway, to get myself motivated to step out of my comfort zone and at least try. I really hope that your health will improve soon. The waiting is always agonizing, but hang in there. Things will hopefully improve in time. Blessings… ~M

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        1. Next page, sent by accident. I’m very focused now trying to get my charity off the ground. It hard to do being sick.
          I started making beaded bracelets with charms, then moved to more expensive beads and necklaces. I like big stones on leather, very easy for a young one. I think Daniels received the first part of my comment. Another fun things depending on her age, I’ve seen those journals they make. If she’s the type, she can make books generic and take to Elderly homes or church for the kids room. She could round up a group and everyone could make one. As you can see I’m always full of ideas, just can’t do them now.
          Have a great day.


    1. G
      I wish there were not a need for these shows. What goes on TV is a fraction of whats going on out there. This week Stalking is the topic of several I watch. It’s not talked about much and it really need to join the conversation. When I was stalked 6 years of my life were taken away from me. It’s leads to murder more times than I thought.
      Have a great morning!

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