Me Siento Eres Whisper

I feel your whisper

XO Melinda   Excuse if wrong translation. 



          1. It wasn’t going to go anywhere but flirting so why get worked up. I get like this when I’m writing a deeply personal post. One on Stalking, the memories buried long ago remind me of the fear. Children, High School and College girls/boys are more in danger today. When I write this type of post, I have to face my issues before I can write. You know how serious I am.


          2. I know how serious you are and I know that you should be resting instead of stressing!!
            Give yourself a break Twin. A few more days and you’ll see the eye’s specialist and he’ll be pissed if he know how much time you spend in front of a screen!!
            Flirting is good for the soul 😀
            hugs!! 🙂 ❤


          3. Twin
            Flirting is good for the soul and other body parts. I’m to practical, divorce is not in my future. Why get tangled in an Internet love I can’t have. It was good while it lasted.
            How’s you thing going? email me and get me up to date.

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          4. I’m home alone 🙂 Doing nothing. I don’t even know how that’s possible.
            Not many news, all the same.
            And you are right, flirting is good for some body parts too 😀

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