Leaving a Dog in a hot vehicle is potentially deadly

ShaggyMelinda – There’s a new petition taking off on Change.org, and we think you might be interested in signing it.

From one animal lover to another, don’t leave your animals in a hot car.  Shaggy agrees.  XO Melinda

Petitioning Target

Quit letting dogs suffer in hot cars.

Petition by Kimberly Carrier
Minneapolis, Minnesota

It is truly distressing to see a dog locked in a hot car, struggling to breathe. In a public place, like at a park or on the street, there’s very little we can do to alert the absentee owner about what is going on. We feel so helpless as we watch the dog panic, or worse.

But at a store like Target, we have the opportunity to alert the owner and ensure the safety and survival of their pet. Target stores have loudspeakers that can reach all shoppers and let them know of a dangerous situation going on in the parking lot. But for some reason, Target states they will not allow an announcement via loudspeaker concerning dogs in cars. And on more than one occasion, a Target manager has refused to alert the authorities when a dog has been found suffering in a car.

We are not asking Target to condemn any of its customers. We’re only asking them to take advantage of this great communication tool and institute a company-wide policy to make announcements for dogs trapped in hot cars on their property.
I understand the need for maintaining customer relations, but that should include the customers that are upset by watching dogs suffer. Suffering from distress, heat stroke, dehydration, or possibly death is more inconvenient for a dog than a moment’s embarrassment is for a person.
Let’s ask Target to do what’s right and announce via loudspeaker when a dog is found trapped in a hot car on their premises.

Sign Kimberly’s petition at Change.org.

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