Happy Birthday Daddy, Rest In Peace

crosses  silhouette with theold paper  as background

Your Daughter


        1. I’m so glad to see you. I hope you’ve been away because you’ve been meditating on beach or traveling the world. I’m hanging in with my health issues, not going down easy.
          Look forward to your post.
          Have a great day.


          1. Hi M
            I’m happy to hear u still hanging in my friend, I pray this health struggle would come to an end soon though for u,…

            As for traveling the world mmm not quite ,life’s throwing many curved balls at me between change of meds and new therapist and doctors it’s all very overwhelming creating large amounts of anxiety for me..
            But on a good note the beach has been our friend for clearing my mind slightly ..we moved about a month ago to a sea side area and I’m still settling with lots of triggers and a new move and no support its hard !
            But just like u I’m fighting on!
            Sending lots love

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          2. I knew the move was very stressful for you, it’s not like it’s all you had on your mind. Changing meds can throw life off. I’ve taken over 40 meds. I have been on the same mix for almost 10 years, it’s a blessing. Being close to the beach is awesome. I’m here anytime you want to chat. msandorm@verizon.net.
            You’re on a new start, such a positive time to start with a clean slate, you can create the life you want. It’s hard to start over in our mind when we are in the situation. I pray it’s a great start and meds help level you out.
            Take care.


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