Break the Silence for Suicide Attempt Survivors

Being a suicide attempt survivor, it did not occur to me specialized care may prevent the next attempt. I made my  first attempt 43 years ago at age nine with a razor blade. The attempts were not from mental illness but severe child abuse. I hated my parents for abusing me, hated myself, hated not having anyone to tell. I hated every aspect of my life, death my friend.

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    • Hi
      I’m glad you stopped by to ask your questions.
      Yes, to all the above. I’m 52 and my husband is my first true relationship. I had a 10 yr period of hypomania or mania. Sounds great, it’s not. I acted like a whore, had no regard for who I was with. If someone didn’t run, they would run after seeing my moods. I lived crazy.
      I had a 13 yr relationship yet never faithful and did what I wanted. I wouldn’t pick up his laundry while there getting mine.
      The worse part was spent trying to hide my bad decisions. My husband didn’t believe I had an illness.
      I’ve been married now 15 years, never cheated and we live a very normal life. Trust issues are always an issue because of my abuse back ground, but I don’t distrust him.
      I think one important step taken with my husband, on our third date I told him everything about my illness, the behaviors and things I will do. It hasn’t always been easy, no marriage/relationship is.
      I haven’t had a long distance relationship. I’ve heard it takes everything you have to keep it together. Many people do everyday, mental illness or unresolved issues from abuse.
      I don’t have the answers, but you’ve asked the questions which show me you are on the right track.
      Have a great day. Good luck and hope you’ll stop by again.

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      • Thanks for your reply.Its really tough to get out of times when you care for someone love them when in need and at the time hated by every one but a time comes when you get a reply “This is the end”.I have written a blog for the same.
        Have a nice time and health.

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