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We were in DC last week for appointment with Lyme doctor. The Pope being in town caused  roadblocks and much excitement. Perfect weather, I could tell from the hotel window. The appointment was originally scheduled as phone update. I’m so frustrated, the doctor needed to see and hear. I contemplated not having treatment. If I could die from treatment, they needed more skin in the game. Staffers taking days to return calls or giving different answers. Most of the frustration comes from not starting treatment. I left with several prescriptions, one a Morphine patch. Finally she understood how much pain I’m in. We left with a surgery date and what to expect the next 9-12 months.

I’m scheduled for surgery 10/25/15 to implant the catheter which is part of IV Infusion Therapy. The catheter goes in your arm or upper chest, to the heart and comes out in upper chest. Twice a day for 9-12 months, a sterile process of preparing medicine takes place with every Infusion. We are waiting to hear if RN will prepare infusion or I have to do. I will have a RN once a week to change bandage on port in chest.

The trip to doctor in DC last week was difficult with a cane. I’ll have to take wheelchair soon. I’ll go to DC once a month, it will not take long to break my body down.

There is a war going on in my body, we’ll see how IV Therapy attacks the monsters within. A battle is taking place in my brain.

The cost of is always on my mind. We’ve made sacrifices for years to live comfortable in retirement. I feel tremendous quilt. The doctor estimates five-years to get well/well as get. Not only does it change our daily life with the treatments, we may not have money to get us thru retirement. I’ve made the decision to stop therapy when the money concerns reach a certain level.

Next month is busy. I pray some good news comes my way.


16 Comments on “Lyme Update 13: *On Yellow Brick Road With The Wicked Witch*

    • Thank you, I will cherish ever prayer I get. It’s overwhelming. Trying to keep my mind somewhere else. It’s scary because it’s so long. Your body gets a wham o from the meds.
      I’ll get back up, it will take faith and determination. I left out of post, I’m going blind. Probably Lyme related, I’ll know on the 20th.
      Have a great weekend.

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      • It sounds agonizing… I so wish that you didn’t have to go through all of this. Can you still keep up with writing if you can’t see? is there a special program and keyboard that you can use? Writing is so therapeutic, I really hope that you will be able to continue your writing. Hugs to you Melinda!

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      • To a degree, Dragon is a voice traslator, I have used it. I bought a book written by a women who is pushing forward with blindness. God could always change direction and challenge me another way. Being blind scares me so much. Hopefully I get the best of the worse on the 20th. I look at every challenge and a learning opportunity. God has a reason, maybe it’s to prepare me for the next challenge. I’m thankful my granny taught me how to look at bad things.
        I may get so weak from therapy, may not do much posting.
        Thanks for your concern. Moving forward.

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