I am thrilled Robert chose me for The Respect Award. If we don’t have respect what do we have?

Robert works hard advocating for mental illness services. He also fights hard for complete access for mental illness services. He is an amazing artist, Robert writes informative and beautiful stories. I love when his post include artwork. Pull up a chair and dig in, you may find a new friend and someone to follow.

Robert has Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’m proud he is completely open about his mental illness and how he’s open to helping others.

Robert describes what his site is about. “I’m a writer and amateur photographer who lives in San Francisco. I enjoy good conversation, history, technology and learning new skills. I have strong political views, a lifelong interest in literature, poetry, and social justice. I think I’ve finally found a format for this blog that I can live with. It evolves as I learn.

Thank you Robert  🙂 You’ve made my day.

Rules for award

Recipients don’t have to do anything for this award. They can choose to copy the award art created by Robert and pass it on to people who have earned their respect — or they can do nothing. The only requirement has already been met when the award is given: Being someone worthy of respect.

I have tremendous respect for so many, you’re not forgotten in this award.

I pass the award along to Coffee Grounded and Hyperion Sturm. http:www.coffeegrounded.wordpress.com


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