Cute smiling little girl

It’s time to share with my WP family how stubborn I can be. I was an innocent child of six years old playing on jungle gym, all things kids do at recess.

I felt a growl in my stomach but the jungle gym was more fun. Another growl, I better tell the teacher I have to potty. She looked at me rather stern, NO! Go back and play.

I went back as instructed and tried to hang on. I had my favorite purple polyester suite with elephants on it. Not wanting to get it dirty, I wondered around watching my friends. GROWL.

Going back to teacher, again she said NO! I pleaded with her. “If I don’t go inside I will poop my pants right here.” She didn’t know I was a kid that meant business. I stood right in her face and pooped my pants.

The look in her eyes. “You pooped your pants”, I told you. Off to the Principles office, she called my mother to come get me. She came about three hours later. I had the pleasure of sitting in poop on a bench outside her office. My classmates had a good laugh, my mother did not.

I sure missed my purple pant suit. Let’s just say it was beyond repair!

Have a great weekend.


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