Chronic Lyme Disease has given me time to reflect on the blessings in life. To stay motivated, I think of a bright future. Thinking of travel locations and adventures left to do. I want to help my community. I’m extremely proud of my charity God’s Tree of Life Ministries. There’s an unlimited amount to learn, see, give back and baggage to let go. My first Bucket List now started and written down. I’m a strong believer, if you can feel and see the goal, you can do it.

I’ll live a full life expanding my soul and supporting others.

XO Melinda


Learn to double jump rope

Roller Derby

Watch baby turtles hatch

Drive Hover Craft

Tango and Salsa Lessons

Dive again, I had panic attack during a dive in 1999. I have to tackle the fear.

Argentinian Wine Country, Twin P will escort me

Volunteer for RAINN Advocate Speaker for Child Abuse and Rape.

Started charity, Tree of Life Ministries, focused on children’s early education, children in shelters and growing community awareness. Our first initiative was to provide underserved kids with clothes and backpacks and books.

Provide pastoral support as Ordained Minister with a focus on dying children and the elderly. My challenge is to clean my language up.

Swim with Manatees, Dolphins and Sharks, Sharks only while in cage.

Ride a Camel and Elephant in native environment, treated ethically.

See every inch of Australia. Australia is several countries in one.

Hot air balloon ride French country side.

Visit countries safe for American women traveling alone. I like to travel alone to foreign destinations. Germany, Istanbul, India, Dubai, Alaska, a good start.

Learn to rescue animals who coexist in our neighborhood, like ducks, rabbits, owls, bobcats and coyotes.

Learn how to grow Orchids.

Travel to Uganda to experience the few Silver Back Gorilla’s left.

See fine Turkish rugs being made.

Pray at Wailing Wall.

Learn how to restore antiques, know the different woods.

Restore antique tools and my antique fan.




12 Comments on “My Bucket List has moved to Looking for the Light Blog

    • My desire to travel stated young. My heart wanted to get away from the violence and day dreaming provided an outlet. I’m privileged to travel in the past. The list came out of the places and things I wanted to accomplish. It works emotion, it motives me focus on fun not my illness. I would love to explore the Middle East. Don’t see that happen. I accomplish two item in 2015, Sarted a Charity and becoming a Ordained Minister.
      Take good for yourself. Drinking changes how your meds work, Years ago I stopped drinking,it was to get the full amount of med without alcohol having an effect.
      You sound very happy today!
      Thank you for the kind comments.

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  1. I love your list, Twin!
    I’d love to escort you (but you know that if I drink, it’ll be more you holding me!!) 😀


    • Thank you my friend. Since I was a small child, I’ve wanted to see the world. As an Adult, a few places are removed for the list. I am motivated by goals and helping people. A list works great for me. My hope is followers would make suggestions on where they have been.
      Take care.

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      • It’s interesting that even as children, we sense that we are not destined to stay in one place. I grew up where folks hunkered down for generations, yet I didn’t feel a part of it, and was so anxious to leave. ☺ Hugs to you, M.


      • Hi friend
        I grew up around my elders who would travel one state over. I believe daydreaming while looking at National Geo magazine helped me escape from my pain. As adult I’ve traveled to many countries and one National Park, Yosemite. Yosemite is a wonderland I could see over and over and not grow tired. We saw a speck of and we were there a week. If you get a chance go!
        Have an awesome day.

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