This my first attempt to write poetry as an Adult. Words came to me like never before. I welcome your feed back. I am nervous, feedback is generous.

I haven’t  written another poem since. Maybe a memory of childhood poetry or Adult desire.

Xx    M

Relaxing procedure

Soft music fills the room

Relaxing smell of exotic flowers

 My body is enjoying the aroma

 Slipping orchid in my hair

Candles reflect our body’s

Brushing your body against mine

The heat rises inside

Strong hands softly explore 

 I shutter as you pull my hair back, kissing my neck

Biting my lip softly eager to explore

I have something in mind for you

Anticipating you exploring my body

 He carries me to bed, whispering my surprise tonight 

Deeply kissing my heart beats faster 

Unleash the Wolfe, I’m yours

Wrap your body around me,

 Kissing, clawing, becoming one.

Squeezing me close, scratching drawing blood.

Heights of pleasure rise deep within

Kissing, laying in your arms

Xx   M

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19 Comments on “Becoming One *Erotic*

    • Thank you much fro the nice comments on the poem. I’ve changed addresses and people are still getting directed to old site. Hope to import process done this week. There are 405 post on the pervious site, I don’t want to loose the data. I need to learn how to back up my post.
      Take care.

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    • Hi Sheldon
      Thank your for the kind words and encouragement. I still don’t feel good about the heading. I suppose I’ll learn and I have with blogging in general. I changed the header to “The Wolf and I” still doesn’t gel to me.
      I enjoy hearing from you.


    • Hi Michelle
      I’m thrilled you read the post. You kind words are always appreciated. I’m not happy with the header. Coming up with headers is my strength, this time it’s seem to gel. Your comment means a lot to me. You are more experienced yet positive with kindergarten work. I hope the word come again on any topic. I enjoy poetry.

      Liked by 1 person

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