Every spin of the turntable, is for you….James Bay was for me! This guy is sky rocketing, James lyrics go deep and capture my mind.


Xx Β M

I wish James Bay success at the Grammy’s this year. Xx Β M

9 Comments on “Throw Back Thursday Part Two *Surprise*

      • Life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know until you bite into one. My favorite moving Forrest Gump.
        I have a thought for to chew on, this is not a short term or immediately. Moving, I know you like you house, the man has a car he can drive further to get kids. Not move to a big city but more larger than where you are. That is the answer whispering in my ear. Take you time, find the location, very bike friendly, good schools and possibly the love of your life. Think about it.
        I’m full of good ideas tonight/ morning whatever it is.
        You didn’t ask but usually don’t.
        Life is….having a twin half way around the globe. Have you talked to your parents about the Zika Virus. Argentina is on the list of countries to travel. Hope Solo is a top athlete here, she is dropped out for fear of virus. I posted one on the Zika, it has spread so fast there is much for me to learn to help people.
        I took two tiny pills and they are whispering in my ear…it’s bedtime.
        The answer to your question “life is…..being alive heart and soul, look forward to the day and make time for yourself. Something I’m learning. I don’t like the jetted tubs to many germs for me. Hell today I sit on side of tub, fell in and managed to turn water at some time. I was already dressing. I trying to find my funny bone and thru the hell.

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      • I can’t move further away, Twin. We have an agreement and I’m as far as I can go… And I couldn’t afford a bigger town anyway πŸ™‚
        Did you hurt when you fell? I hope you didn’t! πŸ™‚


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