The import from previous Blog is completed *Adding close to 500 additional post*

Time to celebrate!!!! Bring your kazoo, streamers, silly string and lots of cupcakes. I can finally say Looking for the Light has merged with Looking for the Light Blog.

The conversion took longer than expected. Now Looking for the Light (previous) blog completes the transition to The conversion added almost 500 new post dating back to 2005.

I have learned a valuable lesson, starting a new site and importing post from previous blog will give you grey hair. The confusion during the holidays was crazy for me and many followers.

I appreciate those who stayed with me. Many people didn’t know where my blog would be the next day. Neither did I, every morning was a guessing game.

A special thanks to friends and followers, we completed the journey from hell.

Xx  M



I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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