Andy Warhol’s “So Sweet” *Live For Today*

Original post 5/2014

I had to buy this Warhol because it was the complete opposite of my childhood. I saw the happy little girl and thought about me in kindergarten. She’s carrying a bag of candy and a good report card, again not me. What makes it so special is my mother told me I was stupid all the time. I began to believe her. You look in the corner and see “So Smart”, words I love to hear. I wasn’t stupid, just carrying a heavy load. No kindergartener can handle the burden of that secret.


Warhol "So Smart"

Warhol “So Smart”


  1. Wow….sounds like we had a very, very similar childhood. I haven’t talked to my mom in about seven years. And I am A-OK with that.

    Thank you for posting and letting others know they are not alone.


  2. So endearing…We never know the baggage that children bring with them to school. I would love to rebloh this onto my children’s blog. Maybe it will take a path of also being a voice for all who felt unworthy as children…Getting some inspiration from your post tonight! Thank you for sharing it💙


    • I have found some great material for the kids. A nice piece on Bulling. I love the way the material breaks down what kids, parents and teachers need to know & look for. I’ll send over. It’s about 5-7 pieces. A good start for a campaign. Hugs.


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