Repost of Your Best Fake Smile *Happy Weekend*

I’m a die-hard James Bay fan, every release captures my music heart. James  loves to make funny faces in photos off stage.

Withdraw was not as lonely with James replying to several twitter messages. I’m still picking up the scattered pieces of my brain. Laughter is helping me find a way out. If one person enjoys this post, you’ve given me something I’ve lost. I will get it back.        Xx   M

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  1. I didn’t know James Bay, this is a fun video. That kid gives a whole new meaning to the “air guitar”…a rising rock star there. I like Bay’s voice, and his message…”no one needs a best fake friend”. For sure. 💖


    • He is playing in my ear all the time. He’s Brit so many aren’t familiar with his work. He won a Grammy this year and a Brit Award. Following him on Instagram and Twitter is a daily laugh.
      I hope the sales are filling up the change jar. I’m sure the book is doing very well from the reviews I read. I like your new direction, many will thank you for teaching them.
      Have a great weekend, include at least one jam session up loud with James Bay. You’ll find plenty on YouTube.

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      • I had never heard of him before so now I will check out more on YouTube! I have just made my blog private as I have a couple trolls that keep infiltrating using different addresses. It’s finally gotten me to the point of needing to create a new blog that doesn’t identify me. I’m sad as I’ll lose all my followers I consider friends. I’ll try to figure out as I go along how to reinvent myself I guess.


      • Does WP offer any suggestions? I think WP has something to help before followers leave.I’ll send Good Karma your way!!!! Hammer WP support, it took them to export and import. I sent a message, tired of hearing from me, they did the process.
        If you want to post outside of you site, be Guest Writer yet not under your name. I will help if anything I think of. The person to drop a line to is Daniel @Hyperion. I believe he was stalked before.
        I will set you up as Administer and if you want, things are place for you.


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