There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.

Many domestic violence victims report staying in abusive and dangerous relationships out of fear of leaving their beloved pets behind. Their abusers often threaten to harm, maim, or even kill their pets if they attempt to leave. Studies have shown this is the case for one out of every four women trying to escape domestic violence.

Right now, there are very few domestic violence shelters that can accommodate pets, making the choice to leave even harder. But there is hope: the Pets and Women’s Safety Act, or PAWS Act, would supply funding to help shelters take in people and pets fleeing violence. This would alleviate abuse victims’ fears about their pets’ safety, and get them out of dangerous situations faster.

These funds are urgently needed by shelters across the country, and Congress should pass this legislation quickly. It would help save lives. By signing the petition, you will let Congress know that the time to pass the Paws is now.

To sign the petition or read more information on The Paws Act.

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