I Need Your Opinion, Only Three Questions. :)

Does the site look crowded? I’m still not sure about the Twitter roll.

Is there something you would like to see?

Do you ever look at Footer Widgets?

I want the site to flow, easy to read with the post taking center stage.

Thanks a million for your help! Hugs to my friends and followers. You keep me running when there’s no energy to move! There are so many people helping in this small community.

Xx  M


    • Bradley
      Thanks a ton. I don’t look at footers either. I’m slowly putting my awards down there. I lost all the links to them so it’s a process that sounds work I could do without.
      I thought about your Shower post. I’ve a few ideas, you may have tried. Lavender is very relaxing, light some candles long before shower, let the aurora fill the shower. They also make lavender body wash or soap. I would go with body wash. Leave some sachets filled with lavender around the house, certainly bedroom, will help you relax and if the reminder of shower gets you, hide or put out of eye view.
      Do you have the same reaction to bathing? If you bathed and then only showered to get hair washed? Have you seen an acupuncturist, Psychiatrist, Hypnotized?
      My logical mind thinks the reaction is related to something, maybe not related to water. When you have a beautiful day to just stretch your mind. Think back on your life in snap shot, periods of changes, large or small. Take a notebook and pray God provides you a clue or remove the angst all together.
      I admire you. Many older (not real old) people are not up on technology and don’t want to share their demons. I believe you’re a healthier man for communicating with others. Your world gets bigger and bigger. That’s a great thing.


      • Thank you, Melinda. The scents are a great idea except for one thing. I have anosmia, which means I have no sense of smell. LOL I was born that way. Bathtub is just as hard for me as a shower. I think if I had a large soaking tub it’d be different, but ours is too small. I do think putting candles around and such to just make it a more peaceful environment. Maybe easy listening music. Basically to bring me up to a level of relaxation rather than a “normal” state. I think I’ll give it a try :-).


      • Have your tried the large rain shower heads which speed the water out? That would help if narrow shoots of water bother you. I am claustrophobic only in certain situations. I have the shower head you take off the mount at top and when I don’t need water on me it can clean the tub! I wonder, if you can’t smell if your brain senses do? I used a small terra-cotta jar with a top small enough so you can tie it off. Fill with Lavender and it slowly soaks into the terra cotta, works great and last a long time. I tied mine in the shower on towel bar.
        I’m sure you’ve thought of million ideas over the years.
        Have a great weekend.


      • Hmmm, I never thought that my brain may detect smells even though I can’t do so consciously. Now you have me very curious.. I’ll have to figure out a way to test that. Happy weekend to you, too


  1. Does the site look crowded? I’m still not sure about the Twitter roll.
    – I think the twitter roll is fine. If possible you might cut down the number of tweets to three if you feel it crowded. (I’m not on twitter so I’m thinking aesthetically.) If the META widget is not too important to you, removing it might help reduce clutter a bit too.

    Is there something you would like to see?
    – I think you do a great job with the articles

    Do you ever look at Footer Widgets?
    – I rarely read past the end of the first article and comment section on a blog. I will read the footer if I don’t have to scroll too far from the bottom of the post.

    I hope I was helpful


    • Hello friend
      Thanks for the feedback, very helpful. I don’t go to footers unless I’m there and suspected the same on mine. I’m thinking of putting all the awards down there and if someone looks great. I tried an Award page but not much traffic. I’m proud of my awards, having show in second column seemed arrogant.
      Have a great day and great ideas for changes.

      Liked by 1 person

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