Chewbacca Mom Wednesday..It’s Contagious

Van by the River inspired me with her post, Chewbacca Mom. The Chewbacca Mask has taken the Internet by storm. The video has broken the record on Live Facebook. The video gets crazier as she travels to all the talk shows. I think the TV anchors are having a blast. Please visit my friend

Pass a laugh and smile to all who need it.   Xx  M

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    • I recently discovered him, he is hilarious. How does he get top artist for a ride? It looks like a love fest when they sing. With noise 24/7, it’s nice to find a laugh. I hope the book is coming together. It’s your baby, changes must be hard to take. I have followed you for past two years. Everyone with mental illness can always learn more. I’m 52 and learning everyday here at WP. I’m surprised you stopped by, your plate is overflowing.
      Take care 🙂

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      • I remember you’ve been following our blog from way back. I’m so grateful. Now that the book is out of my hands, being read by trusted readers for another round of feedback, it gives me more time to blog surf. I’m just catching up, and couldn’t resist commenting about this post. My favorite car pool karaoke episode is the one with Adele…makes me laugh every time I watch it! Thanks again for your support!


      • That one is great, I laughed like crazy with Adele. I saw Gwen Stefani on the road trip. He is always good for a laugh, for sure when non singers go for a spin.
        You may not remember or even known, I have Chronic Lyme Diseases. The doctor thinks I’ll be well in 2-2.5 years.I would wish Lyme on anyone. I’m a 10+ pain across entire body. So many drugs, 6 IV bag a day and no matter how many sleep, pain meds or Morphine patch it makes a dent. It helps me go to sleep sometime in the night. I’m blessed beyond imaginal, The Black Dog has steered clear. I keep telling myself any one can feel situational depression. I also tell God I know you have big plans and you’re preparing me for the next challenge. My challenge is getting my charity off the ground once well enough.
        I look forward to buying the book. I have a selection of books on mental illness for those who ask.
        Have a great weekend.

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      • I have a friend whose daughter has chronic Lyme disease. It’s been an up and down thing for years. She got it in high school and, although it took her much longer than usual she finally graduated from college a couple weeks ago! There is hope. And, of course you are depressed!!!


      • My Therapist & Pharmacologist pointed out how much I read about Mental Health, even after 30+ years. The brain is fascinating and we may not have the answers soon. When I’m experiencing extreme pain, I decide what do I want to know about. If it works, my pain will lessen. Still requires pain meds, the brain routes my thinking. I’m great with the strategy when I’m down. Because of my age, long term every possible problem with Treatment Resistant Bipolar. I have an abusive background like many, my experience helps me share thru post and I talk with a couple offline. My only recommendations/questions are, Do you have a plan?,try to keep them talking, if delusions or hallucinating, call PDoc and go to nearest hospital.
        I see my doctor’s eye to eye not someone much smarter than me. Just smarter in XX area. I use the example because so many people walk in the office head down, ask no questions and have no info on drugs. Calling him/her is an inconvenient. It’s a hard sell telling people with depression or any illness. You have to understand what your diagnoses is, drug names, side effects and effects to go to hospital with. Some people think they enter the room and everything else is up to doctor and they have no skin in game.
        I’m chatty again tonight. I have stayed in bed a couple of days, it’s great reading emails and post.
        Failure is not an Option,

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    • She comes across as a good person, I pray charities benefit from the extra toys. Her infectious laugh for one day would be so fun. I love to see a genuine viral video, not bad tricks to other waist of time. I shocked myself by keeping up with Chewbacca Mom until almost noon.

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