• Hi Sweetie! Again, I have missed you. Many things going on all at one time, mostly health related, but nothing serious.

      I had hoped you had gained strength; just don’t give up. There is a reason for all things. Only He knows the answer to All.

      Yes, I truly love your tribute for all the men and women of our Country that have fought to defend Her. Thank you to your Gramps for being one who fought to keep us free. ❤️

      Okay, I have an idea. I will send you the link in your email. Open Wordpess and title your page. Drop down and post the link. Hit, “Save draft”. Now go back into your new post and open the link. See if it will allow you to, “Select All”. Hit that. Go and then hit, “Save draft”. Close out of your post and return to it, go below the link and hit, “Paste”.

      I’m hoping this works , but if not, just put the link into a post and a short note about asking your readers to read about the initiative. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.

      I’m not brave, or special. I am His to serve and use. He brought this to me for a reason, so that others might find hope.

      Love you, Sweetie.


      • Hello friend
        I have a list of items for me to research. Today I wanted you know, God is at the wheel. He has challenged my in ways I never understood. Granny said sometimes God doesn’t revel the why. My look at challenges is God is preparing me for my next goal or challenge. I’m a Minister and working on technical issues to start, Tree of Life Ministry. My first initiative is supporting early education for underserved schools. I’ll do Pastoral support, elderly, sick children or Last Rights if needed. I am packing for a trip to D.C. in the morning, be back Wednesday. I will have my laptop and try your instructions. I’ll ask some questions if I get packed.
        Take care.

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      • Melanie, you are a gift. Praise He that sends you forth. You will minister to all He leads your way. I thank you, and give my highest thanks to Him.

        It took half of my lifetime to understand why He kept knocking, but now that He has revealed my mission I have been blessed by the other doors that have opened wide.

        Mental Illness will affect more people than ever in the coming years. As our world evolves and we are met by ever increasing dangers from both within, and outside our borders, it is important that people who suffer find the help they need to heal. Your work is at the forefront, mine comes after. Let us hope that people break down the walls of stigma and prejudice in hopes that all countries can fly flags of freedom and offer hope and greater good for all.

        “No man is an island…” “No soul is lost that seeks Truth.”

        Peace is not a dream, it is the mission of every man, woman and child.

        Love you, Sweetie. Have a wonderful trip.


      • Hello my friend
        I arrived late last night and fell light a car ran over me. I fell, terrible fall, two months ago, my Lyme doctor thinks my ligaments in torn or at least damaged. So off for a MRI this week. I knew it hurt but everything hurt. I have a Morphine patch and pain meds all day. I’m working hard to not become addicted, been down that road before as a teen. After dragging myself through 2 airports, I’m waisted. I want to get one song out, it would be the first time missed in two years. Towmorrow I pray for a clear brain. Your instruction look straight, I have the link, I’m ready to run. I have the APP already, have not used yet.
        This is an idea of spreading the information. I’ll post your 250 word post, starting with an intro by me. I’ll mention the APP and you can Guest Contribute or if digging in to App will benefit your followers, write the post and I’ll reblog. We can make this happen whichever is best for you.
        Off to find a pain pill, still have to find video for Throw Back Thursday.
        Look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

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      • Love you, and can’t thank you enough for helping spread the word.

        I feel horribly for you. My vet’s office manager had Lyme’s disease and was hospitalized for months. It took many months before she could walk again. Also, Brent Leondar, Grapevine High School’s former band director, had it too. His story made it to National news. He recovered, eventually, but he also endured a lengthy hospital stay and his health suffered greatly. Sadly, two years ago this month, we lost him. Complications due to diabetes and his weakened immune system.

        I know your concerns about addiction are very real and horrifying. I would simply ask you to concentrate on getting well and working closely with your doctor. If your brain triggers the addictive cycle, stay in the moment and ask for help. Our bodies have a way of tricking us, but we can trick them back. No one is weak when they ask for help, and you’ll recognize the signs of addiction and denial since you have walked this tightrope before. Sometimes we have to rely upon things that we well feel we shouldn’t, but this time, Sweetie, the doctor will be aware and don’t keep anything from him.

        I am always here for you. Think of me as Motel 6. “I’ll keep the light on for ya!”


      • My friend
        I made both Lyme doctors about my teenage addiction. I was blessed to pass that pain long ago. I’ve had more pain than I can remember at times, however I know God is using me for good. When? When he see’s I ready and strong. My only concern with pain meds, long term use can do some damage. I’ve cut down to 1-2 every 4-6 hours. My pain will greatly reduce when my knees fix. It’s a hassle to get Texas doctor to cooperation for a simple X-ray. @ weeks ago my shoulders and lungs were performed with no problem My husband called today and was told not X-rays from out of state doctors!!!!! I will have significantly more patient. I a blessing happen I’ll be well or close in 18 months. Much better of the 5 year date last Oct.
        Have a great dinner.

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      • I don’t understand all of these medical insurance plans, actually, I don’t understand ANY of them. I’ve had so many problems with the change-over to ObamaCare, I now refer to it as ‘NightmareCare. No pun intended to our President, my frustration is with the confusion between, provider, patient and doctor. Just today, my insurer assigned an advocate to my case. I’ve met my $3,000 deductible, but the pharmacy and one lab and two doctors are sending me EOB’s telling me I owe amts. as if my deductible has not been met. It took my husband talking to his HR dept., me talking with them, and then the HR corporate office contacting the insurance companies offices.

        I hope you get to feeling better with each passing day. I’m sorry you are experiencing so much. I love your positive outlook. You really are an inspiration!


      • We are blessed with Corporation insurance thru is job. The very first conversation,I told my husband this program is exactly the opposite of how it was sold. One item that ticks me off is there was no explanation on how it worked and if not enough people didn’t sign up their premiums would go up. We’ve already spent roughly $50,000 for my Healthcare. It’s truly sad since it will take years if ever to change and people below the income line will hurt. The treatment for Mental Illness is much the same. They are shamed.
        I don’t take compliments well yet are appreciated.
        I’m off to find a lab to X-Ray my knee. The knee injury was a fall not Lyme. It hurts the same. When I’m not over medicated for pain, I want to work on your suggestion to see if it works. If so we can talk about the timing. I have to learn about the App, have just have not used it,
        Take care

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      • You get to feeling better and then we will concentrate on the initiative. Knee and back pain ARE a pain!!! Majorly. After physical therapy I had to ice both of mine. Tomorrow I’ll just work on my abs and hip joints. My arthritis flare-up is calming, and will be even better when this rain moves out of the area.

        Take care, Sweets and write again soon.


      • The rain is bringing on my Lyme Arthritisis. I’ve cleared most of the load, being ill and planning appts around his schedule. I truly look forward to driving again.
        Take Care, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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