Texas Senator John Cornyn: ISIS Must Be Stopped

Share your thoughts with Senator John Cornyn at http://cornyn.senate.gov/. Contact him whether you live in Texas or not. He is a Senior lawmaker and serves the lead on several committees.


This week we mourn the victims of the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando and their families and friends, and express our appreciation for the first responders who bravely responded to this tragedy. As a country, we now must come to terms with the reality we face: the attack in Orlando was not a random act of violence, but a calculated act of terror. And, the risks of future attacks on American soil are rising, not falling.

It’s not enough to just stop terrorists from buying guns; we must give law enforcement the tools they need to thwart an attack before it happens and take those suspects off the streets. Too often, the FBI and other law enforcement officers have to operate with one hand tied behind their backs because they can’t access key pieces of information in a timely manner.

The President and his national security team think the threat posed by ISIS is something they can merely contain. But ISIS must be destroyed, and it’s long past time the Obama Administration presented a credible, aggressive strategy to do so and prevent future terror attacks on American soil.

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