The holidays always bring thoughts of my grandparents, home movies, fire crackers, dressing up for Easter Sunday then hunt till the last egg. We all experience loss in our life, I pray you have a solid support system.

Xx  M



3 Comments on “Throw Back Thursday * Love, pain and missing*

  1. That brought tears this morning, M. I was not the baby of the family, but I did get to say goodbye to both of my parents. That was a blessing that I did not take for granted.❤️

    Sweet video…but all that hair ! ☺


    • Hi friend
      I miss my grandparents, I turn around and want to show them and reality sets in. I know most will not understand the video. There are people grieving, someone’s on Tour, we all have pain. I’ve taken larger steps by embracing the pain, best I can. Find the positive. My grandparents died years ago yet there with me. My heart is where I carry the people I love the most. I wish they were here to give me a big hug and say it will be ok.
      We both had a good cry.

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