Growing up with four bothers, I was a fearless tomboy. At 12 years old I was crowned with braces. After a few pops in the mouth my football career was over. Good childhood memories.

Chronic Lyme Diseases affects everyone different, my parasites settled  into my brain. The first sign was the lack of balance. Think about the walk taken after getting pulling over for intoxication. I could take 2-3 steps at most with eyes closed. I have continued to have balance and common sense my husband would say.

The clouds mingled as a storm moved in.Vibrant orange, pinks and every shade of blue. While he walked the dogs, I stood on the hot tub taking photos.

Hours after the rain, I noticed a large earthworm on the storm door. My mission was to save the earthworm. If I bend below the knees, I’m going down.

I diligently dug a hole in the dirt with one knee holding me up.David came running outside just in time for a glorious Circus tryout.. I fell down two bricks stairs, grabbing a landscape light on the way down it stabs me in the stomach. Then a loud crack as my head hit a stone brick. I was stunned and wanted to cry. No time for crying, he is yelling to see if conscious while trying to maneuver me from under patio table. It was time for me to sit and find my legs and damage done by light. He is pulling me up, legs behind me which makes it difficult to stand and do less damage. My head swirled and standing up was the last thing on mind. David rushed me in like a RN working ICU to examine my head. You can see what you think.

A draft of the Lyme Update is almost complete. I will share a TSA shack down story and tips for maneuvering thru security.

Fly’s and Mosquitos also carry Lyme. Be safe this summer.

Xx  M






8 Comments on “Lyme: Falling Hazards for the Fearless.

    • Hi M Thanks for your condolences darling. ..
      My paranoia is more something is going to happen, I left the house drove 3km away and everything that passed or got close to me felt as if it was going to hit or hurt me I had stopped that many times heart pounding away and sweating crying that I had to go home. .even once I arrived home I was hysterical


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