Do You Want to take Free online courses from Top Universities? Take your Pick.

Do you want to expand your knowledge, travel without leaving home or a number of classes that grab your interest.

iTunes U offers an extensive selection of free non credit courses from top rated universities. No stress, go at your own pace, courses are complete flexibility.

iTunes U also offers hundreds of free Podcast on any subject you can imagine. Take a trip around the world. I love Podcast, reading done for you. The system can configure automatic downloads, has bookmarks, and keeps track of what you’ve listened to or not. offers over hundreds of free on-line courses from top universities. No stress, work at your own pace. Drop a course as I’ve done several time. They also offer for fee courses range of subject matter is impressive.

Berkley School of Music offers a limited number of free on-line courses.

I hope you find something interesting, maybe even something you can do with the kids.

Xx  M


    • Your welcome! I suffer from Bipolar depression so day to day you don’t know if you’ll care. That’s the great part, you can take again or listen to a Podcast as often as you like. Did you know You can have you own WP Podcast. I’ve thought about it, but I have to see what’s of value to talk about. Thank you for following me, you’ve followed me for some time. I’m glad you found something of value. I’m sure their are so many more, their easy so I use them.
      Have a great day.

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      • You are so kind. A podcast would be interest even though I have no idea what I have to ssy that would be so important. Lol. I always try to find value in my new friends. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful week full of sunshine and smiles.


      • Hi friend
        I took a look around you site to see what you might do a Podcast on. Are you a upbeat type to person or to serious. The great thing about you can talk on multiple topics. There are many struggling writers on WP, I’m sure you have lots of tim bits there. Break it down to beginning. the idea. Do you have other hobbies or other professional areas you can talk about without giving a company away. You could do a call in suggestion for Free for All Fridays. Listen to some that sound like you and see if the buzz is their.
        When I’m well and consistent, I plan to start a Podcast on several topics, Mental Illness, having Chronic Lyme Disease? (I have it) and how to research on the Internet. The topics can change but I’m not a Drama Gueen so serious topics. I’ve babbled on. Let me know if you have any questions. Start listening.


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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