Throw Back Thursday *When We Stand Together*

If you’re a regular on Thursdays you know I’m a James Bay Super Fan. Hold Back the River is from an EP and his breakthrough to Super Rocker Stardom. He sings of the past….we used to ride our….reflection is needed to move forward. Nickelback reflects on current times looking forward to a shift bringing everyone together. I like to think that day will come….in my lifetime?  Let’s Rock.

Categories: Moving Forward


    • I love him…..I feel like the teenager with the posters on my walls. He is at the ledge of becoming a big star,in England they love him. He wrote a song you should listen to, it sold me on him from just four words in the song. It’s called “Let it Go”. It will hit you on so many levels yet the idea is simple. As you can tell I’m a super fan. I’ve filled him for a year, sending tweets. I get so excited when he sends emojis back as a reply.
      I hope you’re keeping everything stitched together. Going thru withdraw I missed out on two weeks of like in our corner of WP. I had to wipe the emails clean or the stress would get me. Stress is my biggest trigger.
      Have a great weekend.

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      • M, you’re doing great with the weight that you carry. Don’t let the mails get you down. If you’re meant to read something that’s backdated, somewhere along the line it will find you. I also used to get very stressed when I wasn’t on top of the mails and blogs. But we’ve all been there and no one in this community judges us. We support and understand when you’re not in the position to blog.

        I’ve listened to ALL of his blogs, downloaded them onto my phone, work computer…. I’M OFFICIAL FAN! Thank you so much for sharing him, I love him! But I’m respectful that you loved him first 😛


      • Girl
        You are the best. Check out my Twitter feed you’ll find several tweets to him. I’ve sent Tweets since the day I saw him on morning television. His site is He truly appreciates American fans, he was unknown to us for so long. Not any more! Every Friday he post Eargasms, check out James Bay Moments @jamesbaymoments, awesome clips of him being so relaxed. He has a wicked sense of humor. Listen to me go on like a teenager. I also spent time this weekend asking with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, they are so much fun!!! One of their admins follows me @gsbsnd2016. I didn’t get to be a teenager, look at me now.
        Seriously, yes we have been there,in the big scheme of things Blogging is not more important than taking care of myself.
        You made my month! It’s been a hard one. Keep an eye out for post Withdraw: What The Hell?

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